By: Pankaj on 2015-12-22

Can I change front single disc brake of YZF R15 to dual disc brake?

1 Answers

Installing double disc brakes on the front wheel of Yamaha YZF R15 shouldn't be much of a problem as you can get another front disc set from your local Yamaha spare parts distributor you may need a bigger brake fluid cylinder and the hydraulic cable placement will need to be worked out but you can get the modification done with the help of a skilled mechanic.

We don’t advise you to modify your YZF R15 front single disc to double disc as it is not needed at all because double disc brakes are mostly installed on the super bikes having engine displacement more than 300cc but YZF R15 is just 150cc bike and the top speed is just around 130-135 kmph therefore knowing it well Yamaha didn’t feature it with optional dual disc brakes as the single disc brakes doing their duty well.

Nakul   2015-12-24 12:03:18

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