By: Darshit on 2016-05-08

Does Yamaha YZF R15 have tubeless tyres?

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No, Yamaha YZF R15 has radial tyres instead of tubeless tyres, although radial tyre also doesn’t have a provision of inner tube that is filled with air but its structure design is different from tubeless tyres, a radial tire is a tire formed around a "carcass" consisting of a radial ply with cords that run in a perpendicular to rolling direction, as if "radiating" out from the center of the tire to the two rims. The advantages of a radial tire are:

• A high level of rigidity that reduces excessive flexing of the tread and increases grip.
• Reduced rolling resistance that contributes to better fuel economy.

Hansh   2016-05-11 14:13:25

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