By: Harish on 2016-07-10

Is Yamaha FZ 2.0 suitable for 460 kms long drive? What should be the stopping intervals if suitable?
Is Yamaha fz v2 fi suits for a long drive of 460 km.if it suits means suggest me for stoppings…?

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Yes, Yamaha FZ 2.0 is suitable for 460 kms long drive provided it should be well serviced and engine oil level should be at proper and you should also be physically suitable as such long journey may take around 8-9 hours time (along with breaks) which may cause pain in lower back, neck, shoulder and hip muscle and stopping intervals varies person to person by age, body-type, riding style etc. for example an older person needs longer interval for rest than a young person, in my opinion if you are young enough you should take 20-25 minutes after every 100 kms or 1.5 hours during long drive.

   2016-08-01 13:42:03

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