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About Aston Martin

The company that manufactures these Aston Martin cars is Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC. The Aston Martin owes its existence to its founders Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. These two friends joined hands to establish a firm, “Bamford & Martin” to sell Singer cars in London. Martin and Bamford were automobile mechanics who used to service the GWK and Calthorpe vehicles in Callow Street in London.  


Lionel Martin was a racing aficionado who loved to race at Aston Hill. Sensing that their mechanical jobs were not fetching anything, the pair decided to manufacture their vehicles. The credit for creating the first Aston Martin went to Martin when he fitted a 4-cylinder Coventry-Simplex engine to a 1908 model, the Isotta Fraschini. The first Aston Martin car saw the light of day in March 1915, but the outbreak of World War I forced the pair to stop the production.  


Foundation of Aston Martin Cars

Martin and Bamford joined different Army outfits and went on to fight in the First World War. At the end of the war, the pair reunited for a short period and designed a new car at their new premises, Abingdon Road in Kensington. Subsequently, Bamford parted ways with Martin in 1920.


A gentleman named Count Louis Zbrowoski moved in to fund the company after the departure of Bamford. They retained the name of the company and started manufacturing racing cars to enter the French Grand Prix. These cars were an instant hit as they recorded the highest speeds and broke endurance records. One of such Aston Martin car models was the Razor Blade.


The company went through several bankruptcies throughout the 20th century with the first bankruptcy coming their way in 1924. It is a part of the history that this company bounced back every time they encountered bankruptcy to become one of the best British automobile manufacturers.


The luxury sports cars and Grand Tourers were successful models with many of these cars becoming showpiece vehicles in prominent movies. You can see the DB5 model in the 1964 James Bond thriller, The Gold Finger.   


The Acquisitions and Expansion

After the first bankruptcy in 1924, Dorothea Lady Chamwood purchased the company and installed her son at the helm of affairs. In 1925, the company went bankrupt again, and Martin decided to sell the company to a group of investors comprising Lady Chamwood, Augustus Bertelli and Bill Renwick.  The company got a new name, “Aston Martin.”


With Bertelli running the company, he named all Aston Martins produced by the company as Bertelli Cars. The year 1932 saw another financial hurdle for Aston Martin with Lance Prideaux Brune rescuing it. In 1933, the ownership passed on Sir Arthur Sutherland.  Aston Martin manufactured about 700 cars until the onset of World War II.


The year 1947 marked a watershed year in the history of Aston Martin when David Brown bought the company. The same year, Aston Martin started building the famous DB series. However, Aston Martin’s tryst with bankruptcy continued with David Brown selling off the company to Company Developments owned by William Wilson.


The worldwide recession took its toll on Aston Martin forcing the closing down of the company in 1974. The company changed hands through the Court Receiver with Peter Sprague, George Minden and a London-based businessman, Jeremy Turner buying Aston Martin in 1975. A couple of new investors, such as Alan Curtis, joined in as well.


They changed the name of the company to Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. (AML). In 1977, they introduced the V8 Vantage model followed by the convertible model, the Volante in 1978. There were talks of AML taking over Lamborghini and the merger of MG with Aston Martin. Nothing of this sort materialised.


The financial troubles continued up to 1980 when Gauntlett and Tim Hearly bought 12.5% stake each. The company started exporting cars to the Gulf countries by that time. The Prince of Wales granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the company in 1982. The problems continued for a long time and Ford took a shareholding in 1987.


Ford revived the company and placed it under the Premier Automotive Group. Ford increased the production of Aston Martin cars with the introduction of the V12 Vantage models in 1999. In 2006, Ford started divesting its share in the Premier Automotive Group. In 2007, the ownership changed hands and passed over to a consortium unit led by David Richards of Prodrive. The four-door Rapide Grand Tourers rolled out in 2010.


The losses continued and Daimler AG stepped in to buy 5% stake in Aston Martin. The company went public in 2013 and earned a listing at the London Stock Exchange. It started exporting cars worldwide with India being one of the beneficiaries as well.


The Aston Martin cars in India today are the V12 Vantage S, Vantage, Rapide, DB11 and Vanquish. You can see the famed Aston Martin logo in each of them.    


Aston Martin Cars Photos

The Aston Martin images show that these cars are extremely good looking with beautiful exteriors. At the same time, the Aston Martin interiors are excellent as well.


Coupe / Roadster

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S | Aston Martin Vantage | Aston Martin DB11 | Aston Martin Vanquish



Aston Martin Rapide


Upcoming Aston Martin Cars

Aston Martin DBX  


Aston Martin cars – Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which types of Aston Martin models are available in India today?

Today, we have four 2-seater coupes and one 4-seater sedan in India. They are as follows.

2-seater coupes – V12 Vantage S, Vantage, DB11 and Vanquish

Sedan – Rapide


2. Is there any Aston Martin SUV in India?

At present, there is no Aston Martin SUV in India. However, one SUV model, the Aston Martin DBX is in an upcoming model in the Aston Martin cars 2019 list.


3. What is the Aston Martin price in India?

The Aston Martin car price in India starts with V12 Vantage S model that is available in the range of INR 2.90 to 3.60 Crores. The Vantage is available at INR 2.95 Crores. The Rapide comes at INR 3.88 Crores and the DB11 at INR 4.05 Crores. The Vanquish is the most expensive Aston Martin car in India as it comes in the price band of INR 5.21 to 5.50 Crores.


4. What is the price of the upcoming Aston Martin SUV?

The Aston Martin starting price of the DBX is INR 4 Crores. The industry expects the car to be available between INR 4 and 5 Crores.


5. What are the primary Aston Martin cars specifications?

The Aston Martin India cars are predominantly 2-seater coupes with only the Rapide being a 4-seater sedan. However, the length of these cars exceeds 4 meters on an average. All the Aston Martin cars in India run on petrol.


6. Why is the Aston Martin cost in India so high?

Aston Martin cars are luxurious cars with all the modern amenities. In spite of the majority of the Aston Martin cars in India being 2-seater coupes, the Aston Martin cost in India is high because of the luxury. Secondly, the import duty on premium cars is also extremely high.


7. Does Aston Martin manufacture cars in India?

No, Aston Martin does not manufacture any car in India. The company exports cars directly once they receive an order.


8. Which is the fastest Aston Martin?

The V12 Vantage S is the fastest Aston Martin car. It can touch a top speed of 201 mph.


9. What is special about the Aston Martin logo?

The Aston Martin logo has evolved a lot since its initial design. Today, the logo is a pair of outstretched wings with the names Aston Martin appearing in the centre. The wings indicate the speed with which the car can run.


10. Which celebrity in India owns an Aston Martin?

The Bollywood heartthrob, Ranveer Singh owns an Aston Martin.