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Which one to choose among Rapide S and Audi R8?

By: Ronit on 2014-08-11

7 Answers:

Audi R8 features 5204 cc V10 engine delivering power of 518PS and Torque of 540Nm. Rapide S features 6.0L engine with power of 550PS and 630Nm Torque.Onroad price of Rapide S is 4.5 crore and that of Audi R8 2.6 Crore. Besides, both cars have high reputation as super luxury car. Audi R8 is a practical car for Indian road conditions. A well spread service network of Audi in almost all metropolitan cities makes it a easier one to maintian than AM Rapide S. So Audi R8 would be a better option both for utility and practicality.

Sonal Gupta    2014-08-11

Both Audi R8 and Aston Martin Rapide are luxury sports car. The price tag of Audi R8 is Rs. 2.6 crores, whereas the Aston Martin Rapide is priced at Rs. 4.5 crores. Audi R8 boast of a 5204 cc V10 engine delivering power of 518PS and Torque of 540Nm. Rapide on the other hand features a 6.0L engine with power of 550PS and 630Nm Torque. Audi R8 with its relative higher ground clearance, lower price and a well-planned service network spread across the country allows you maintain this car well compared to the Aston Martin Rapide. Therefore, we believe that Audi R8 would be a better option for both utility and practicality.

Abhishek    2014-19-12

I will certainly go for an Audi R8 without thinking twice, because of the wide spread service network of Audi, In terms of engine capacity, design and style and features Aston Martin is way ahead from Audi. Audi R8 is having an engine of 5204 cc engine with 517 PS power and 530 Nm torque whereas Aston Martin is having an engine of 558 PS power and 620 Nm torque.

Karan    2015-15-07

There are lot of reasons for going for Audi, first is reachability as my dear friend has specified, more service centers means ore reachability to the peoples and consideration of the model. Second is versatility, Aston Martin is a versatile car but very expensive, so a person needs to pay twice than the Audi R8. There a lot of options almost 4 variants are available in the segment.

Yuvraj    2015-16-07

The comparison itself is not right; Aston martin is a luxurious 4-seater car whereas the Audi R8 is a coupe. But Audi is also a well-known brand in luxury cars segment. The Audi is having a good brand image than the Aston martin in India is being available from 1.71 Crore to 2.2 Crore. The car is having a very good engine and capacity, though it is not more than the Aston Martin but gives a better mileage than Rapide.

Krishank    2015-18-07

You are right; the mileage on Aston Martin is less than what Audi delivers. But the engine is very responsive in case of Audi R8, which is capable to reach a speed of 100 KMPH from being stationary just in 4.1 seconds whereas the Aston Martin can reach to a speed of 100 KMPH from zero in 4.9 seconds. The Aston Martin gives a better deal in terms of features inside like satellite navigation and awesome interiors as well as spaciousness whereas Audi R8 is lacking in those areas due to the coupe structure.

Naksh    2015-20-07

All of my friend who is against Aston Martin and in favor of Audi R8 should not forget about the kind of comfort, style, royalty and design quotient given by Aston Martin Rapide. It is a very spacious and the best in class car in term of features engineering and design. Additionally a person looking for chauffer driven car will go for Audi for what reason? Maybe you guys are more price-centric but please understand if you are paying more then you are getting more as well.

Nakul    2015-21-07

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