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Which is better among Aston Martin V12 Vantage and Jaguar R Coupe?

By: A.S Duggal on 2014-26-10

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Jaguar F Type features 5.0L V8 engine with power 542PS,power 693Nm Torque,It’s a fantastc car to drive at very high speeds. Auston Martin has 6.0L engine delivering power of 565PS and Torque of 632Nm. The limitation of is its limited number of service centers available. Jaguar in association with Tata Motors has authorised service centers in each metropols. Thus ownership of Jaguar would be much compatiable than AM car. To choose one, Jaguar would be better option.

Sonal Gupta    2014-26-10

Aston Martin basically have a 6L capacity engine which have the engine displacement capacity of 5935cc, leading Jaguar F-Type by about 935cc which is a lot if considered. But however the Aston Martin cars are not so common in India because of the fact the Aston Martin provide one of the poorest service network in India, so maintenance of this car becomes challenge. Whereas on the other hand the Jaguar service network is widely spread via Tata service network.

Yadudhar    2014-06-11

The V12 Vantage is an extremely good looking sports car, which is available in the Indian car market as a completely built unit. This trim is equipped with an AM28 6 series, which produces 573 PS of power and 620Nm of torque and it takes 3.7 seconds to go up to 0-60mph with a top speed of 328 kmph. R coupe is the top end variant of Jaguar F Type and this is basically a hard top version of its already existing F Type convertible. However, this comes with a robust 5.0 liter, V8 super-charged petrol power plant can achieve a top speed of 300kmph and touch the mark of 100kmph mark in just a matter of 4.2 seconds.

Samunthala    2015-18-02

First of all I will start with the price, Aston Martin V12 vantage coupe is having only one variant i.e. coupe 5.9 petrol being available at 3.5 Cr whereas the Jaguar F-type coupe R is available in five variants which is starting from 1.26 Cr to 1.88 Cr. So significantly the Jaguar F-type R coupe is being priced less but offers a great deal. Second is Aston Martin V12 is a coupe whereas the Jaguar F-type is having convertible option as well.

Tapasum    2015-04-08

I do agree with the same, Coming down to the engine jaguar F-type coupe is having displacement of 5000 cc with 542 BHP power and 680 Nm torque whereas the Aston Martin is having an engine of 5935 cc with 564 BHP power and 620 Nm torque. So in terms of the engine capacity Aston Martin is leading but jaguar is also not bad at all. So looking at these Jaguar convertible I guess is better.

Sachin    2015-05-08

I am agreeing too with the above two answers, the jaguar F-type is economical and having convertible option as well, whereas Aston Martin is not having convertible option. The Aston Martin is a very safe and secure car; it has almost 6 airbags while jaguar is having only 2 airbags. Jaguar R coupe Is having fog lights as well as hydraulic power steering whereas Aston Martin Vantage V12 do have the Electronic power windows.

Vedansh    2015-07-08

Guys you are going to the right track as per me, As jaguar services are being taken care by Tata in India so somehow you can expect service availability of it at the same time Aston martin V12 Vantage is holding rare number of service locations in India. Additionally Aston Martin is a British brand so one will get some trouble with Indian conditions of traffic and roads, which is not there with the Tata’s expertise of Indian roads and taste.

akhilesh    2015-09-08

Yes, I am agreeing too, Aston Martin is bigger on price, engine, specifications and quality than the rival Jaguar F-type R coupe but Its India and out of 1000 peoples someone buys an Aston Martin so they don’t not have a bigger service network in India. The service and maintenance will be a challenge. Tata Motors is the name behind a Jaguar which is having India’s best coverage and dealership network. So Jaguar is cheaper than Aston Martin cars as well as it has better chances than Jaguar in India.

Dev    2015-11-08

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