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How is the performance of Vanquish? Is it worth for Indian Road conditions?

By: Aashish on 2014-15-10

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7 Answers:

Vanquish is the sportiest car among AM cars. It’s a thrilling mixture of performance comfort and more than that a sense of royal image in owning one such car. However as far as, Indian road conditions are concerned,it’s a real image booster for the top business personalities. You will be spending approximately 550Lakh in owning this car. With fuel tank capacity of 80L and expected mileage of 5 to 6kmpl maximum. You will have to find a fuel filling station.after every 400 to 450 kms. In short, its a superb car to own if you are facinated about owning a true luxury car as a status symbol.

Sonal Gupta    2014-15-10

Aston Martin with its low ground clearance is not well suited for the Indian roads. This elegantly styled car is powered by a remarkable beast of an engine that allow the car to achieve a top speed of 317 Kmph. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 Kmph in just 4 seconds. In the case of its upper end variant of this car, the Coupe shoots to a staggering top speed of 325 Kmph, and can zoom from zero to 100kmph in a stunning 3.8 seconds.

Alka Raghav    2014-13-11

The Aston martins vanquish is an exceptionally beautiful and powerful car. It has a great engine under the hood and the performance is charm of the vehicle. Its 5.9L V12 engine with 565 HP power with a 6-speed AMT transmission gives it a punch ride. It can reach to a speed of 100 within 4 seconds which is incredible. The car is having an awesome and extraordinary drive quality. Coming down to the Indian road conditions the low ground clearance of the Vanquish is certainly going to have some problems.

Ashish    2015-10-08

I am quite agree with the above comment, however the car is well equipped with a super duper engine of 5.9L which is having an enormous power with 565 HP power, awesome ! But even after having such a large engine and greater features the Aston martins vanquish is having issue with the roads. The British days clash is still viable. The lower ground clearance of the Vanquish I really a bad idea, the Aston martin should have been made it with little more ground clearance as it is not adequate for the bumpy roads of India. I have got my Martin fractured quite a sometime and I get really unhappy about it.

Kittu    2015-03-08

Aston Martin Vanquish is a very powerful high end luxury coupe which comes equipped with the 6.0 Liter, 5935cc petrol engine with seven speed automatic transmission gearbox. The performance of this luxury coupe is excellent and it can reach 0 to 100 kmph speed in just 3 seconds but you might not get such driving conditions on the Indian roads to feel its power. It low ground clearance would also me a problematic on Indian roads.

Nakul    2015-16-09

The performance and handling capability of this car is amazing. While driving on Vanquish, you will feel an impression of DBS which has been enhanced this time. The quality of ride is obviously better. It accommodates latest adaptive dampers that have higher adjustability level that makes it more pilant and shaper in town. The steering is smoother and not chatty. The GT ability and shrinking capacity is improved.

Gunrahan    2015-12-10

The Vanquish is a combination of a two seater sports car and a sedan that easily mixes with the traffic because of its low profile and design simplicity. However, it has got a low ground clearance which can be problematic on Indian roads where there are speedbreakers and potholes at a lot of places. The Vanquish is a performance car that can do a 0 to 60 in less than seven seconds which says a lot about the power of this beast!

manisha rani    2015-30-10

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