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Which one is better among Auston Martin Vanquish and Lamborghini Aventador?

By: deepak on 2014-17-10

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7 Answers:

In a basic comparison of details, Vanquish features 5935 cc V12 engine delivering power of 565PS and 632NM Torque. Dimesions inclue LXWXH as 4380x1865x1241 and wheel base 2600mm. Lamborghini Aventador features 7.0L engine delivering power of 690PS and torque of 700Nm. Dimensions include 4780x2030x1136 and wheel base 2700mm. All dimensions are in MM only. Onroad price of Vanquish is 550Lakh and Aventador Roadster 546Lakh. There are lot of similarities in both cars. Also both makes do not have much of service centers, still you can manage to fine one in Majot City like New Delhi and Mumbai. To choose one, Lamborghini Aventador would be a better option.

Sonal Gupta    2014-17-10

Both of the cars are coupe version supercars which look more like a racing vehicle. Aston martin price is lot lesser than the Lamborghini Aventador. Both of them are high on fuel consumption but in terms of performance and speed Aventador is far better than Vanquish v12. A top speed of 350 KMPH can be achieved by Aventador while Aston martin is having top speed up to 295 KMPH. I will go for Aston Martin, if I have to make a choice and save 1.2 Crores and do a lot with that money

Mohit    2015-23-04

I do agree with the statement above Lamborghini Aventador has a 6.5 L engine with 700 PS power and 690 Nm torque, whereas Aston Martin which is 1.2 Crores less priced than Aventador is also having some same kind of engine with a 6.0L engine with 5935 Ps power and 620 Nm torque. So I don’t see a point going to Aventador and pay a lot of money just after the brand name. I will be getting almost similar features in Aston Martin.

Abhishek    2015-25-04

The new Aston Martin Vanquish is a coupe styled car, which is having a price tag of 3.85 Cr with the engine capacity of 5935 cc along with 573 PS power and 620 Nm torque, at the other hand the Lamborghini Aventador is there with two of its versions, i.e. a LP 700-4 and one roadster with a 6498 cc engine which is capable to generate 700 PS power and 690 Nm torque with &-speed Automatic transmission whereas Vanquish V12 is having 6-speed Automatic transmission. So I will go for an Aston Martin considering similar spec and lower price.

Anik    2015-05-08

I am agreeing with the above answer, the both of the engines are equally very powerful as well as performing. The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is costly as well as having larger engine, bigger dimensions and everything bigger than Aston Martin Vanquish including price also. The mileage on both of the engines are similar i.e. 8 KMPL. Lamborghini stands out in its design but there is a big gap in the price almost one Crore. So here I will go for Vanquish.

Mohit    2015-08-08

Anybody will go for an Aston Martin because of the brand image along with the less price of Aston Martin than the Lamborghini Aventador. The Lamborghini Aventador is the choice of extreme car lovers but in general nobody wants a car which drinks petrol like anything and remember we are not on the race track to risk our lives so for me a car which is capable to run at 120-130 is best for emergency and in India you don’t have roads like that as well. So Aston Martin will be my choice.

Adhikansh    2015-10-08

I am not agreeing with these statements, I am an extreme car lover and love the cars which are most capable in the world. Lamborghini is my awesome ride and I love it more than myself. The car is extreme in terms of engine, power and performance. Think of a car having 6.5L engine with 700 PS power and 690 Nm torque, I have driven Aston Martin also but Lamborghini is having no other sibling. My love will be Lamborghini roadster only.

Parag    2015-12-08

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