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Do Audi A3 have high maintainence cost?

By: Ananat on 2014-24-05

3 Answers:

Telling you a straight yes or no is actually not possible. It is usually said that diesel avtars of Audi A3 or any other car is low on running cost as till date diesel prices are lower than petrol prices, whereas on the other hand the comparitively petrol, the low priced avtar of the same car turns outs to be high on running cost. Now the twist is that the high priced diesel avtar which is low on running cost in high on maintainence as the diesel mill have to undergo more combution pressure than that of petrol and hence needs regular checkup and regular changing of fluids, vice versa of this is true for petrol car.

Sonal Gupta    2014-24-05

Yes, Audi cars are always difficult to keep up and A3 is not an exception. The initial buying cost of the diesel variants ranges from Rs. 24.6 to 34.1 Lakh and the petrol version, which is only a single variant, costs Rs. 31.4 Lakh. From the mileage point of view, the diesel variants of this car offer 20.38kmpl and the petrol trim delivers only 16.6kmpl. The scarcity of the authentic service stations also increases the tension of the buyers as they have to travel from one end to another to get the service done, which consumes a lot of fuel.

Kavita    2014-12-06

It is always true that as the price of car increases, its maintenance cost increases. Audi A3 lies in the price range of 25 to 40 lac approx. and hence, one needs to spend a large amount on its maintenance too. Apart from regular maintenance, like oil and filter replacement, other spare parts of Audi are also expensive if any damage occurs. Though, if the vehicle is driven properly and serviced regularly at authorized service stations then your pocket will not be affected much on maintenance of car.

Mehar    2015-15-01

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