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Which is the best colour for Audi A3?

By: Chahat on 2014-07-04

4 Answers:

Audi A3 is the stylish and sleek sedan which is designed to attract eyes as there are number so sleek curves and panels all around the body. Audi A3 available in total 7 color options for its outer profile which includes Black, Blue Metallic, Brown, Red, Silver, and White Metallic. According to me this above mentioned set of colors looks fabulas on Audi A3 , moreover these colors enhance the looks of this sedan, but final choice is up to customer because every color have their own presence and projection on road.

Parneet    2015-27-06

Audi A3 is a budgeted luxury sedan with ergonomically designed body. It looks flawless, sleek and comes in beautiful color choices. It comes in 7 vibrant colors to select from, these are Black, Blue Metallic, Brown, Red, Silver, and White Metallic. Though all colors have their own charm but Red and white metallic seems to be more popular than others. Obviously, the last color choice would be yours as you are one who is going to own A3.

Swaraj    2015-01-07

Choosing a car on technical basis is quite easy rather than the color as its selection is a very confusing part. As mentioned in previous answers, Audi A3 is available in total of six beautiful color options. Each person may have different choice among these colors but if someday I plan to buy this beast then I would personally choose black as this color marks the presence of this car prominently among others. But as said earlier, each one has unique choice and final choice is always on buyer.

Tejas    2015-07-07

The Audi A3 is present in six brilliant shades like scuba blue metallic, brilliant black, beluga brown metallic, florett silver metallic, misano red pearl and glacier white metallic. The misano red and glacier white makes it look aggressive and sporty whereas the other shades give an executive and authoritative vibe. the best colour lies in the eyes of the owner but as far as we believe, the misano red is the best because it matches with the DNA of the car, powerful and aggressive!

Pranjal    2015-24-09

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