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What is the seating capacity of the Audi A3 ?

By: Lovelesh on 2015-18-01

8 Answers:

Audi has launched Audi A3 to give tough competition to many low priced premium sedans like Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Octavia. Audi A3 is built on the platform of Audi's favorite A-Series but they have reduced some of the components to fit their Audi driving experience in budget. Audi A3 is blessed with spacious boot to store luggage easily,thanks to a wider boot opening, while spacious cabin is worling well to give best of riding experience. The interior of Audi A3 is blessed with one of the finest leather interior which looks amazing and feels good. Audi A3 can pick maximum up to 5 passengers on its four wheels and that though including driver. The cabin of Audi A3 is well designed with perfect small compartments to store accessories like wallet, mobile, papers and lot more but these are placed is such a way that cabin space is not compromised at all, All the passengers in this car gets decent leg room, head room an even 6 foot tall passengers gets into this car pretty well.
Sonal Gupta    2015-18-01

Audi A3 is the new entry level sedan from Audi in India, this vehicle is launched in competitions to other entry level premium cars like BMW 1 series or Mercedes Benz A class. Audi engineers have cut down some of the electronic components to fit Audi A3 in the budget but still they managed to provide Audi driving pleasure as they have not reduced on comfortable seats with climate controller and Audi drive technology. Apart from being reasonable and quite impressive Audi A3 can carry maximum 5 passengers including driver with perfect head room and leg room for all of them. When it comes to space for 5 passengers then individual should keep in mind that cabin space of Audi A3 is applaud able because everyone have their own satisfactory private section which is good for long journey. Overall Audi A3 is the best entry level sedan which any one could buy because of top notch interior design and stunning looks where spacious cabin puts extra light to the profile of Audi A3.

Kashish    2015-30-01

Audi India came with budgeted Audi A3 for a mid-high class car ethusiats. The company cuts off some high-end features to fit the car in mid budget. Still, the company has fitted it with 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine and a good fuel economy. Its wide and spacious cabin could easily fit 5 pessengers and offers sufficient legroom, shoulder room and head room. The cabin is decorated with dual tone color theme and seats are wrapped in premium leather or leatherate.

Akaksh    2015-17-06

This car has the normal seating capacity as any other hatchback car. That is 5 people including the driver himself. The car is quite spacious and feels premium. If you want to go for a bigger version choose Q3 which has much more space in its cabin and hence big.

Shubham Khatri    2015-01-07

This car is a sedan not an SUV or an LUV. Hence it has the normal seating capacity of 5 people at a time which includes the driver himself. The rear seat passengers have however less leg room and space for them to acquire. This is a good car otherwise.

Madhav Yadav    2015-02-07

This car is often questioned on its leg room space but no one has ever asked for the seating capacity because its quite silly a question. The capacity is 5 just as the other commenters said before me it is a sedan and a sedan always fits only 5 people.

Raju Agarwal    2015-04-07

Audi A3 has a normal seating capacity of 5 people including the driver. However it contains a massive boot space to carry lot of luggage at a time. The car is a total functional version and I love it because of its premium feel and good spacious cabin loaded with features.

Ranjeet    2015-06-07

Audi has made a blunder with their car Audi A3 as they have given very less space compared to what is required for the back seat passengers. However to answer the question the car contains a maximum seating capacity of 5 people at a time and hence no more than that can travel.

Taranpreet Singh    2015-08-07

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