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What are the main attractions of Audi A3?

By: Karuna on 2015-20-03

10 Answers:

Audi A3 comes in two form. There is sedan version and then there is convertible version too. The headroom is not that spacious it is rather a bit tight. There is no variant of diesel for this car. It is a overpriced car with other alternatives better than this. It is though a fun to drive but other compromises are made with it too. The engine is upto the expectations of Audi standard.

Team Autoportal    2015-20-03

The main attraction of Audi A3 is Audi’s brand name which is very well known across the globe for its high performance luxury vehicles. Another one is its aggressive and sporty front appearance which has classy headlamp and front grille. Its passenger cabin is very spacious and comfortable and it is loaded with an array of high end luxury features. Its both petrol and diesel models are equipped with very powerful engine which deliver excellent pick-up and acceleration.

Lovely    2015-02-04

The eye-catching exterior of A3 is one of the features that really strike the right cord of the buyers. They are dynamically carve out and stylishly built. Its safety standards let the occupants enjoy a drive without any worry as these features can confront any kind of causality. The availability of innovative comfort features confer astonishing coziness no matter where it is driven. It can beat any heavy bump faced on broken roads. The roomy internal section features a highly comfortable seating arrangement, which is best in class.

Tita    2015-16-04

Audi A3 is the superb sedan from Audi which recently won the award for the world car of the year in 2014. The exterior and interior design are the main attraction of this saloon. The wedge shaped front grill, coupe-like roof structure, wider proportions, shadow edges, aluminium window trims, halogen headlamps give this sedan a sporty muscular look. Similarly, on the interiors, we can find great design features like the beautifully contoured leather seats, audi's signature turbine ac vents, 7" retractable multi-colour display, the 4-spoke steering wheel with volume controls.

Hemant    2015-04-06

I totally agree with the aforesaid answer. Despite being on the lower price band of Audi range, A3 contains the same design DNA. Its wider dimensions, slanting roof, headlamps and beautiful tail lights give it a captivating look. I personally like the dual zone automatic climate control feature. The best thing is that it can regulates the air flow and temperature for the driver and the front passenger seperately. I also find the engines as a strong point of Audi A3. Both the 1.8 Ltr. petrol and the 2.0 Ltr. diesel engine generates massive torque of 250 Nm and 320 Nm respectively.

Ami Singh    2015-06-06

Audi A3 has two forms, one is the sedan and the other is the convertible version. Though the car is spacious, the headroom is not for those who are a bit above the above average levels. The car is expensive, but it offers fun to drive feature. this is certainly loved by many of the users because of the control it offers. The engine is excellent and the quality of riding is also great.

Aditya    2015-09-06

Audi is one of the known brands in the market that is popular for the luxury it offers, and A3 never fails in this segment. The car looks sporty and aggressive. The headlamp is elegant and the front grille adds to this. The cabin of the car is highly spacious and the interiors too are feast to eyes. The pick up and acceleration are great too, and the performance is up to the expectations.

Baba    2015-30-06

Audi A3 has the best exteriors, and the car is built with aesthetic sense. The passengers can travel safely in the car for it has been designed to ensure safety. The comfort features of the car are excellent and are up to the mark. The car offers comfort, and the internal structures too are designed to be very comfortable. The seating arrangement ensures that those who travel can enjoy a comfy ride for a long time.

Dheeraj    2015-02-07

Audi A3 is low priced compared with many of the Audi cars, and yet it does not compromise of the style and the DNA. The tail lights are best examples of how elegant the car looks. The air flow and the temperature are regulated by the climate control features. The engine is sturdy and offers the best performance. Also, the pick up and acceleration never let you down.

Parth    2015-18-07

Quite frankly, the most attractive part of the A3 is Audi's brand name and reputation that has attracted hundreds and thousands of users all over the globe; nevertheless, it has more to it than the brand name. It is available in two versions or variants, namely, the sedan variant and the convertible variant. This four-wheeler sports an aggressive look that features a classy headlamp, accompanied by a set of beautiful headlamps. To further add to it's cause, the Audi A3 offers duel engine options - a petrol variant and a diesel variant. The A3 also entertains an excellent interior design.

Pranky    2015-12-08

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