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Is Audi A3 available in diesel version in India?

By: mansi on 2015-09-05

6 Answers:

Yes, the Audi A3 is available in both petrol and diesel versions.It comes with 3 diesel variants in India.They are:Audi A3 35 TDI Attraction-Diesel, Audi A3 35 TDI Premium -Diesel, Audi A3 35 TDI Technology-Diesel. 

Deepa    2015-03-05

Yes, certainly, the Audi A3 diesel version is readily available in India. You can check the authorized dealers. For details about these dealers you are expected to visit the official homepage of Audi India. You can even book your Audi A3 diesel version online through the official website of Audi.

Suraj    2015-07-05

Audi's entry level sedan is available in diesel version in India, the A3 line-up has four diesel trims in total namely A3 35 TDI Attraction, Premium,technology and Premium Plus. The deisel variants of Audi get power from a 2.0 litre, 16 valve, TDi deisel engine generating peak power of 143 Bhp between 3500 to 4000 RPM along with top torque of 320 Nm between 1750 to 3000 RPM.

Kanak    2015-10-06

The Audi A3 is available in both petrol and diesel variants. One can choose the best option as per the requirements, likes and preferences of his or her own. Some prefer the petrol car because of a smoother and noise-free drive. While others may find the diesel car performing better and also being cost effective in the long run. The German auto giant has something to offer to all and hence makes the A3 compatible to both fuels.

Asad Ahmed    2015-19-06

Yes the Audi A3 is available as a diesel version in India. The German car maker makes the Audi A3 compatible for both petrol and diesel. You can find both version of the car in all Audi showrooms across the country and choose the one that best suits according to your preferences and requirements. Indians generally consider the diesel cars to be fuel efficient and within budget on the road. However diesel cars incur a higher maintenance charge. Then again, petrol being costlier can lead to a higher cost for the petrol run car on the road while the maintenance costs may be less.

Swaraj    2015-20-06

The Audi A3 is available as a diesel version in India. These again have three different variants, the TDI attraction, TDI premium and TDI Technology. The car also comes as a petrol run version in the country. All the variants are easily available at most authorized dealer of Audi in the country. You can also choose to book your version of the Audi A3 online at the official Audi website.

Naksh    2015-21-06

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