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Which one is better Audi A4 petrol or Audi A4 diesel?

By: Mahant on 2014-17-08

5 Answers:

Clearly taking side of one model is actually not possible practically. Both diesel and petrol avtars of Audi A4 have their own positive and negative points. Choosing between a petrol mill or a diesel mill totally depends on you. There are various factors which influences decision making. Please also keep in mind that diesel cars incur low running cost whereas petrol cars are low on maintainence. Diesel engines have to face more combustion pressure hence the handle more pressure than a regular petrol engine, so because of this reason disel engines need regular checkups and changing of fluids. In as nutshell diesel is high on maintainence and low on running cost and vice-versa oh this is true for petrol one.

Sonal Gupta    2014-17-08

When comparing between petrol and diesel run variants, it should be taken into account that a diesel variant has better power and torque as compared to a petrol run variant – 174.33bhp at 4200rpm & 380Nm at 1750 – 2500rpm vs. 167bhp at 3800 – 6200rpm & 320Nm at 1400 – 3700rpm. On the mileage front too, diesel wins over petrol run trims pretty handsomely – 16.55 Kmpl within the city & 17.11 Kmpl on the highways for diesel versus 12.32 Kmpl within the city & 15.64 Kmpl on the highways for petrol. 

Hussain    2015-03-06

It depends on the priorities of the customers to opt for a diesel or a petrol run variant of Audi A4. The diesel variant delivers more engine power and mileage as compared to its petrol run counterpart. And because of the greater engine power, a diesel run variant can carry more load (passenger and cargo). However, the engine is more combustive and generates more noise, besides costly to maintain. The petrol variant on the other hand is light and is low on maintenance. 

Nitesh    2015-10-06

Both Audi A4 petrol and diesel are great sedans and it is your personal preference which one to go for. You can also decide on the basis of your running requirements. If your daily running is more than 60-70 Kms, you can opt for the diesel and if it is just 20-50 Kms, you should opt for the petrol version. Mileage of both the engines is almost the same. Both the diesel and petrol engines have almost similar power, but the diesel version has the bigger torque.

Purab    2015-12-06

It would be an injustice to the other if we chose one among these two. Both the diesel and petrol have their own pros and cons. For example the diesel is ideal for longer tours, gives you good low end torque and power while running on low cost but claims high maintenance due to to more work done by the engine. On the other hand the petrol is good for city driving, gives you more power and takes it at higher speeds but incur a high running cost due to the fuel costing but has low maintenance.

Veren    2015-11-09

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