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Does Audi A4 have high maintainence cost?

By: Rakshan on 2014-17-07

5 Answers:

Obviously premium cars like Audi A4 have costly maintainence as compared to non-premium cars. It is usually said that diesel model of cars are low on running cost as till date diesel prices are lower than petrol prices, whereas on the other hand petrol, the low priced avtar of the same car turns outs to be high on running cost. Now the twist is that the high priced diesel avtar which is low on running cost in high on maintainence as the diesel mill have to undergo more combution pressure than that of petrol and hence needs regular checkup and regular changing of fluids, vice versa of this is true for petrol car.

Sonal Gupta    2014-17-07

The Audi A4 belongs to the category of premium luxury cars. Hence, unlike non-premium cars, the maintenance costs of the Audi A4 are bound to on the higher side. It has been noted that diesel cars incur higher maintenance costs then that compared to petrol run cars. This is because the diesel cars undergo greater combustion pressure and hence are required to undergo a change of fluids and servicing more often. The diesel run parts also undergo greater wear and tear. This requires one to send the car in for servicing more often in order to restore and maintain the condition of the car.

Mehar    2015-12-06

The maintenance costs of the Audi A4 are notably much higher than that of any other non-premium car. Luxury often comes at a price. While the petrol version of the A4 incurs lesser maintenance charges, the on road running cost is higher for petrol. On the contrary, the running costs of diesel version of the A4 is less but the maintenance costs are higher as the car needs regular changes of fluid and other maintenance job done in order to maintain and improve its performance quality.

Yash    2015-13-06

Audi A4 belongs to the category of premium cars in the auto market. Though a small Audi, it is a luxury sedan. Though the company uses superior quality material and modern German technology in building the car well, like any other car, the Audi A4 also requires regular maintenance jobs done. The maintenance of the Audi A4 is quite high, as expected from any other premium category car. The diesel version of the car incurs greater maintenance charges for frequent fluid changes and servicing requirements. However the running costs of the car is comparatively less.

Hitesh    2015-15-06

You can afford to buy the Audi A4; you can definitely afford the maintenance of the Audi A4 as well. Nevertheless, the Audi A4 belonging to the category of premium cars in India incurs quite a high maintenance charge. This is because of the need for fluid changes and other maintenance job requirements that help in retaining, improving and maintaining the performance of the car in the long run so that you a enjoy smooth and safe ride.

Kabeer    2015-17-06

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