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What is the Quattro technology in Audi A4?

By: Badrinath on 2015-10-01

5 Answers:

The Audi’s legendary Quattro technology refers to the all-wheel drive mode for which they use their patented term “Quattro”, meaning ‘four’ in Italian. The Quattro features differ with the regular all-wheel drive in terms of the power transmitted. Unlike the normal four wheel drives where the power is transmitted to the rear wheels by the sun and ring gear system, the Audi uses a lighter technique, named Torsen which is a torque sensing type of limited slip differential, to transfer the torque. The Quattro feature also plays a major role in the stability and braking of the car.
Sonal Gupta    2015-10-01

The quattro technology is the trademark of Audi cars signifying these cars have all-wheel drive or four wheel drive capability. The Audi A-4 is built with Multitronic engine and transmission coming with power features of 125kw 320Nm matted to Multitronic CVT transmission. This allows the amazing A4 sedan to deliver powerful perfomance no matter what the weather maybe. Its fitted direct injection, exhaust gas turbocharging and Audi valvelift system ensure optimum power use and application. In addition the presence of safety in braking with ABS, EBD and ESP with Brake assist in easy manouvre and driving all-weather.

Sharman    2015-21-01

No doubt, Audi is a market leader in terms of four wheel drive system with its trademark Quattro from last thirty years. Currently, there are three types of Quattro drive system but the Audi A4 models have got the “Quattro with Sport Differential”. The same technology is used in all the other sports model of Audi including its R8 model.

Harman    2015-03-08

Quattro with Sports Differential distributes the propulsive power to the rear wheels of the Audi A4 which results better handling and control over the vehicle. It ensures more agility for dynamic cornering and the vehicle turns with better spontaneously and maintains directional stability which results more driving pleasure.

John    2015-05-08

In the Italian language Quattro means “Four”. The term Quattro is used by the auto major Audi to indicate its 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) technologies which are used on most of the models of Audi. The word “quattro” is the registered trademark of Audi and it was first introduced almost three decades ago in 1980.

Ashutosh    2015-07-08

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