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What are the new list of features in Audi A4?

By: vedant on 2015-03-04

7 Answers:

The Audi A4 is indeed a nice addition to the series of Audi cars. It has got all the new things which had previouslyu beaten it from its German rivals. The cabin has got adequate features in it . The car's slow ride can make it to be opted for good and memorable urban ride. It has got new levels of quickness in it too.Front seats are bigger and accomodating.

Team Autoportal    2015-03-04

Audi A4 is the most successful sedan from Audi’s product portfolio. The new Audi A4 has got number of new features that include new 17-inch, 20 spoke sporty alloy wheels, it has a carbon black styling package which includes black colored wing mirrors, window sills, door modeling etc. Though, there are no changes in its technical specifications – it has same capacity petrol and diesel engines.

madhuri    2015-22-04

The petrol version of Audi A4 variant has been equipped with TFSI engine which works by combining economical direct injection and turbocharging. It has also been provided with start-stop system for making them fuel efficient. The diesel version Audi A4 2.0L TDI with a TDI engine that is equipped with common rail injection technology for precise and even fuel distribution. Further, start-stop system and recuperation make the vehicle even more fuel efficient. Drive select efficiency mode has been incorporated in Audi for improving consumption values and helping in balanced driving style. Tire pressure monitoring system, anti slip regulation, 8 airbags and electronic stability control has also been provided in Audi A4 for enhancing the safety and security of the users.

Upendra Yadav    2015-09-05

This is the nice addition to the Audi cars, and there are lots of new features available in the car. There are hoards of features that make the car unbeatable. The cabin is where there will be people looking for features, and you will see there are too many there. The quickness of the car too is great, and the car has seats that are big and accommodating.

Agstya    2015-08-06

Audi has come up with a wide range of sedan cars, and has succeeded in the same. When you want to come up with the right car, A4 from Audi can be the right choice. The car has a black styling package, the wing mirrors, 20 spoke sporty alloy wheels, and the door modeling are all in black, which offer a great look to the car. The car has good technical specs, and surely makes heads turn towards you.

Nisha    2015-15-06

The Audi A4 comes in 2 versions, the petrol and the diesel version. The petrol version has a TFSI engine, and this works by economical direct injection technology combined with the turbocharging. The start stop system makes the car fuel efficient. The diesel version comes with the engine of TDI with the common rail injection technology. The car is very fuel efficient, and one can expect a comfy and balanced drive on both the engines.

Turam    2015-24-06

The Audi A4 is best for driving on all the roads, and there are many features included in the car. The car is fuel efficient, and comes with petrol and diesel engines. The black styling package makes the car more elegant. The seats are spacious and can accommodate many with no troubles. The car has got the quickness too. The riding quality of the car is also excellent.

Asta    2015-04-07

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