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Why does my Audi A4 lose power while driving on steep terrains? Though, recently I did an engine oil and oil filter change.

By: Skhumbuzo on 2018-04-07

1 Answers:

If your car loses power while driving on steep terrains, there may be a number of potential causes apart from delayed engine oil change and clogged oil fuel filters like:

• It might be due to worn out spark plugs.

• A dirty air filter also reduces clean intake of air supply which alters the air fuel ratio and leads to power loss.

• It might be due to engine overheating, as an overloaded heating system causes the cooling fan to start working harder, taking power away from the engine and reducing performance levels.

• It could be due to a clogged catalytic converter. A clogged catalytic converter blocks gases, meaning that the engine cannot rev to its maximum capacity.

• It could be due to timing belt issue, if the belt/chain is not properly maintained, is incorrectly installed or does not have the correct tension, it can cause the engine valves to open and close at incorrect intervals. This results in a loss of power

So, without inspecting your car in person I cannot say the exact reason of your car losing power while driving steep terrains, hence I advise you to get your car inspected from your local Audi service center or from some qualified mechanic to prevent further issue from developing.

Sandeep Singh    2018-04-07

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