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Audi A7 Reviews (39)

Audi of the dreams in its all new version

Overall rating: 4.25 Reviewed By: Prakash Dixit on 27 April 2015
Audi A7 can fix all the problems of my speed and sporty drives. This is unlike all other cars I had driven till now. I could get well with the equipments of Audi A7. There is no turning back once you ride this car. I fancy its dynamic indicators which can fix minute glitches and give a customised setting...  Read More »

Cosmetically changed with new transmissions

Overall rating: 3.75 Reviewed By: Pranav Batra on 27 April 2015
I found this newly revamped Audi quite attractive. It has got newer list of features in it with more of enhancements than previous models. The sports back had got a new facelift which is more equipped. The automatic gearbox is now seven speed dual clutch rather than the eight speed of last version. I...  Read More »

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Audi A7 Overview

Germans have given the world a lot in terms of technology. Especially the automobile sector is one such field where the Germans have defined a niche for themselves. Be it the unbelievably innovative engines or the robust performances, German automobile companies have it all figured out. One such remarkable automobile company is the Audi. Adding a ‘the’ before Audi is a prerequisite because there is no other company with such versatility in engineering. Audi excels in making crossovers, luxury sedans, GTs, convertibles, hatchbacks, supercars and everything it ever started working on.
Audi A7 Overview
Aptly regarded to have the Midas touch in automobile engineering, the company manages to bring out the best from any vehicle. And the project it took and we are talking about right now is the Audi A7. Launched as a premium sedan, the vehicle is undeniably one of the most luxurious vehicles in India at this very moment. The car features quite a few best in class facilities however, the real winner is its impressive Audi DNA. Audi A7 Overview
The precision with which each and every intricate detail of the vehicle is mastered is a testimony of the design excellence that brought Audi where it is today. The Audi A7 was actually unveiled way back in 2009 but despite the five years that passed by, the vehicle still manages to be one of the best on the roads.

Audi A7 Exterior

When Audi makes a car there’s an interesting aspect. Though all the cars can visibly share same DNA and the similarities are apparent, the entire design nowhere seems monotonous. It is as if they are all the same yet different, a true nature of siblings and Audi A7 is no exception to this phenomenon. The front fascia of the vehicle features the signature Audi front grille that extends just below the bonnet till almost the bumper. With the four rings on it gloriously shining, the front grille is visually complemented with the headlamps and the fog lamps.
Audi A7 Exterior
Both of which are strategically placed symmetrically one below the other. The name plate is expected to be positioned right under the Audi logo on the front grille. The LEDs in the headlamps really add on to the elegance of the vehicle. The side profile features a sleek design pattern with elegant curves extending the doors through the wheel arches. The car’s curves fall slightly smooth through the rear windshield. Audi A7 Exterior
Without much to do the curves gradually end along the rear boot. The rear features Audi’s signature tail lamps which evenly extend along the boot as well as the body. The car’s rear has twin exhaust is well concealed along the rear bumper section.

Audi A7 Interior

The interiors of Audi A7 stand true to its mark of luxury. The ergonomically designed sporty seats, the comfortable plush seating with leather interior labelling inside the seat doors, and the soft texture of the steering wheel that still manages to offer superior grip. The diesel sedan comes with a large glove box, cup holders and bottle holders along with storage space behind the seats and in the doors to allow minor utilities to be placed conveniently.
The interiors feature air conditioner with four automatic climate control, low fuel warning notification and accessory power outlet, trunk light. The vehicle offers impressive leg room and head room. Despite the sleek design, the vehicle does not compromise in interior comfort of the passengers. With airbags in the vehicle and a seating arrangement for five passengers. The boot capacity of the vehicle is also big enough to fit in a family’s luggage.Audi A7 Interior
The car also comes with an integrated MP3 player with a six CD changer facility. The BOSE surround sound system with the seven inch TFT colour display just reassures the brilliance of Audi interiors. All in all Audi A7 is one of the best from Audi stable not just in performance but in interior prowess too.Audi A7 Interior

Audi A7 Engine & Transmission

The interesting part about Audi A7 is that it is fit with a diesel engine. This in no way shortens the capabilities of the vehicle and it amazingly manages to offer a compelling performance giving many petrol engines a run for their money. Fit with a 3.0 litre V6 engine along with double clutch transmission. The vehicle comes with four valves in each cylinder thereby taking the entire performance prowess to a whole new level.
Audi A7 Engine & Transmission
The engine manages to churn out an impressive 241bhp maximum output at 4000-4500 rpm. The torque however reaches 500 Nm at 1400 – 3250rpm which is an impressive number for a diesel engine. The vehicle manages to hit the 100kmph mark from still position in mere 5.6 seconds. To top this off, the S-tronic automatic gear box transmission enables the vehicle to be ridden in a rather smoother fashion. The transmission is also designed to make the gear shifts more efficient by reducing the idle time for the wheels receiving wheels significantly. The highly lauded Quattro drive system also helps to bring out the best out of the V6 TDI engine. Audi’s acclaimed FSI technology is also employed in the Audi A7 Sportback. This helps in the injection of the fuel directly to the combustion chamber and atomising it into a fine spray. All of this enable in a better utilisation of fuel thereby reducing the fuel consumption.

Audi A7 Mileage

Offered with a diesel engine one of the key parameters anyone looks for is the fuel consumption. Increased mileage is expected as a prerequisite for a diesel engine over its petrol counterparts. Audi does just that and impresses with 12.2kmpl mileage. It complaint to EU5 standards and the emissions from it are also considerably restricted. With 190gms CO2 emission per kg, the vehicle manages to offer a decent eco friendly design.

Audi A7 Braking and Safety

Just like performance and visual appeal, Audi A7 also scores aces in terms of safety. The vehicle comes with the basic utilities such as a well concealed spare wheel and auto release function, a first aid kit, a warning triangle, a tool kit and a car jack.
However, other than these external utilities the vehicle packs airbags in the front and the rear section, anti theft alarm, parking sensors, traction control and a class defining ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist. The vehicles engine immobilizer keeps it safe from any impact collisions. The usual side and front impact beams and the innovative vehicle stability control system, crash sensor make sure this premium vehicle stays premium despite the test of the time.

Audi A7 Performance and Handling

Audi A7 is a true performer at its core. Though it sports a diesel engine and some might argue the performance capabilities of a diesel engine over a petrol one, Audi managed to bring out the best in that too. While the S-tronic gear box system manages to reduce the fuel consumption and offer efficient gear shifts other factors too play in a key role in defining the performance calibre of the vehicle. The car converts the kinetic energy into the electric energy when the brakes are applied and the same can be traced back to the vehicle when the car accelerates again. This way the load on the alternator is reduced and the fuel is also saved in the process. The car also relies extensively on LEDs for the lights, side indicators and rear lights, this in no way effects engine performance but it sure reduces the load on the battery compared to the traditional bulbs.

What do we think about Audi A7?

Go for the car if you’re ready to shell out 80+ lakhs because this car is as good as a relatively affordable luxury car can get. The interior comfort and the exterior beauty make Audi A7 an instant hit on roads.

Audi A7 Competitors

Key competitors of Audi A7 can be seen in Audi A8, BMW 7 series and Jaguar XF. While each of these have their own loyal fans, there always exists a tough competition between BMW and Audi. It will be interesting to see which will see the test of the time.

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