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Audi A7 Reviews

39 Audi A7 User Reviews

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4.25 Stars
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Overall rating: 4.25
Audi of the dreams in its all new version
Overall rating: 4.25 By: Prakash Dixit on 27 April 2015
Audi A7 can fix all the problems of my speed and sporty drives. This is unlike all other cars I had driven till now. I could get well with the equipments of Audi A7. There is... Read More »
Cosmetically changed with new transmissions
Overall rating: 3.75 By: Pranav Batra on 27 April 2015
I found this newly revamped Audi quite attractive. It has got newer list of features in it with more of enhancements than previous models. The sports back had got a new faceli... Read More »
Audi A7 is one coupe which has unlimted features of substance
Overall rating: 4.25 By: Sarthak Aggarwal on 27 April 2015
I bought Audi A7 to make sure that I get to drive the highest power car at that time. I was quite satisfieed too with its whole performance too. There had been days when I mys... Read More »
Audi with premium looks, equipments and drive
Overall rating: 3.75 By: Akash Goyal on 27 April 2015
I am a blinded my Audi A7 performance. It gives immensely pleasurable rides with more fun and thrill in them. All these years I have made plans to long destinations with my Au... Read More »
An Audi of distinction with better features
Overall rating: 4.25 By: Ankit Rana on 27 April 2015
I absolutely fancy Audis. And having an Audi A7 is just no ordinary thing in the town. You make yourself along with your coupe a trend of talk in and around the city. This all... Read More »
High tech Performance
Overall rating: 4 By: Ajay Sharma on 24 March 2015
Audi A7 has to be my chaise because I was looking for advanced car which is not long as like Audi A8. Audi A7 is the perfect coupe car which is blessed with full central c... Read More »
A Luxurious Vehicle
Overall rating: 4.5 By: Diksha on 18 March 2015
I am planning to purchase the petrol 2.8 FSI Quattro version of Audi A7 and recently been to one of the dealers for the test drive where are came to know that this luxury seda... Read More »
Luxury sedan
Overall rating: 5 By: Narasimha on 23 February 2015
I got a chance to sit in this beautiful machine for a short duration. It is one of the best experiences I ever had. Its unique in every aspect. The luxurious makes us feel ele... Read More »
Racing Machine
Overall rating: 4 By: Karthik Lal on 11 February 2015
I was little disappointed to know that there is only single variant option available for Audi A7 i.e. Audi A7 Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI Quattro, as I was expecting some more f... Read More »
High Quality Luxury Saloon
Overall rating: 4.25 By: Kavya Mishra on 09 February 2015
I am mesmerised with my Audi A7. Audi is a single brand who provides you everything and always gives you something new, not like other high-end luxury brands who serves same p... Read More »

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