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What are the engine specs of the Audi A8?

By: Faisal on 2014-16-12

4 Answers:

The top level sedan by the Audi; A8 is available across the country in three engine variants, two petrol and one diesel. There is one 4.2L Quattro petrol version producing a hefty 350PS power and 440Nm of torque with a high speed of 250kmph. The bigger petrol version features a mammoth 6.0L oil mill which spurs out a beastly power of 450PS and 580Nm torque and can clock 0 to 100 kmph in mere 5.2 seconds. The diesel gulping power plant is a 3.0L TDI Quattro which is common to other sedans too but is retuned to develop 233PS power and 450Nm torque at as low as 1400rpm.
Sonal Gupta    2014-16-12

The luxury full size sedan, Audi A8L, is a face lifted version, which is rolled out with many changes, so how would its engine remain untouched. The petrol variant of this car is powered by a 4.0L, TFSI engine which displaces 3993cc and cranks off a rated power of 429.12bhp. It offers a meaty mileage of 6.4kmpl in city and 8.5kmpl on highways. The TDi, 3.0L, Quattro, diesel engine cranks off 246.7bhp of power and a fine torque of 580Nm. The mileage of this trim is unbeatable 13.33kmpl in city and 19.23kmpl on long revs. The 4.2L, diesel engine dishes out 385bhp of power and 850nm of torque. In city conditions, it delivers 6.2kmpl and 9.5kmpl on wider roads. There is another engine called LW 12 Quattro, which is a 6 cylinder, 24 valve, petrol engine.This gigantic motor comes with a 6299cc displacement. The power output of this mill is 493.5bhp and its mileage is 8.7kmpl on short revs and 15.7 on long revs. All these engines have automatic transmission that further enhance the performance and keep all the buyers happy as they have kept me.

Ronish    2015-21-01

There are 4 engines in which Audi A8L is available and out of these two petrol and two diesel engines. The 4.0 TFSI Quattro petrol trim is powered by a 4L mill, which scoops out a maximum power of 420PS and 600Nm and it delivers 10.30kmpl. The LW 12 Quattro petrol engine displaces 6299cc and dishes out 500PS of power and 625Nm and delivers 8.06kmpl. The 3.0 TDI Quattro diesel engine comes with a displacement of 2967cc and cranks off a max power of 250PS and 550Nm of torque. Audi 8L’s TDI Quattro has a 4.2L diesel engine, which dishes out 351PS of power and 800Nm of torque.

Ojas    2015-24-01

Audi A8L comes in both petrol and diesel motor options. In diesel motor, there are two variants - 3.0 L TDI quattro and 4.2L TDI Quattro. The 4.2L, being more powerful churns out 385bhp of power and 850nm of torque and it delivers 6.2kmpl of average in city and 9.5kmpl on highways. On the other hand, the petrol trim has 3993 cc 4.0L TFSI engine that produces max power of 429.12bhp and claims a mileage of 6.4kmpl in city and 8.5kmpl on highway.

Atharv    2015-17-06

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