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Is AUDI A8L maintenance high and running cost?

By: Mukund on 6 august 2015

4 Answers:

The running cost of the AUDI A8L is very reasonable. This is because the A8L is ver. fuel efficient and user friendly. The parts if required replacement can cost a bit since they are not very easily available in India, but then one doesn’t require changing parts very often. The running and maintenance costs of the car should not be very bothering for you. Moreover the company is taking a lot of measures to give the customers more advantage by defining more and more service centers and dealers. Thus maintenance is not a very big fuss.

Shanky   2015-08-06

Audi A8L is a high end luxury sedan model which comes equipped with loads of luxury, comfort and safety features. As the company brings this model in India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) its ownership cost and maintenance cost is slightly on higher side. All the spare parts of the vehicle are built in the company’s Germany based plant and importing them to India takes its price up.

jannet   2015-09-16

It is a fact that Audi A8L is a premium luxury sedan that has long wheelbase and powerful make. This car incorporates a 3.0 L solid turbo diesel engine and comes with a mighty price tag. The supportive safety and handling features bring in a great amount of pleasure and comfort to the car owners.

Babban   2015-10-20

The price of the Audi A8L is quite huge so it can be deduced that it targeting a niche crowd of high net worth individuals. In that sense, this car has acceptable maintenance and running costs that turn out to be reasonable. Moreover, Audi takes a lot of measures to bring such costs down by manufacturing more efficient vehicles.

shanu thakral   2015-11-03

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