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Which one is better Audi Q3 petrol or Audi Q3 diesel?

By: Prithvi on 2014-03-05

3 Answers:

Both diesel and petrol avtars of Audi Q3 have their own positive and negative. Choosing between a petrol mill or a diesel mill totally depends on you. There are various factors which influences decision making. Please also keep in mind that diesel cars incur low running cost whereas petrol cars are low on maintainence. Diesel engines have to more combustion pressure hence the handle more pressure than a regular petrol engine, so because of this reason disel engines need regular checkups and changing of fluids. In as nutshell diesel is high on maintainence and low on running cost and vice-versa oh this is true for petrol one. 

Sonal Gupta    2015-03-05

Audi Q3 is available only as Diesel SUV, there is no petrol version present in India. So there is no question of choosing between diesel or petrol. Basically Audi has categorised Q3 in two variants based on engines - TDI Diesel Engine and TDI Quattro Diesel Engine. The Quattro diesel engine is capable to produce 380Nm of maximum torque in combination with 174.33 bhp of max power. Q3 could reach at a top speed of 212 km per hour with a quicky acceleration of 8.2 sec.

Adhiraj    2015-17-06

Choosing between diesel and petrol variant is totally depends on you. Performance wise, both diesel and petrol variant are equal but still there are some factors that you should consider while choosing the right variant for you. The main factor depends on your daily running. If running is more than approx. 80km/day than you should go for the diesel variant as it is low in running cost else go for petrol variant. But diesel variants costs higher in maintenance then petrol variants and also they are more expensive to buy then petrol. The final decision is up to you.

Kamal    2015-25-06

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