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Does Audi Q3 have high maintainence cost?

By: Kaya on 2014-10-06

3 Answers:

Obviously premium cars like Audi Q3 have costly maintainence as compared to non-premium cars. It is usually said that diesel model of cars are low on running cost as till date diesel prices are lower than petrol prices, whereas on the other hand the comparitively petrol, the low priced avtar of the same car turns outs to be high on running cost. Now the twist is that the high priced diesel avtar which is low on running cost in high on maintainence as the diesel mill have to undergo more combution pressure than that of petrol and hence needs regular checkup and regular changing of fluids, vice versa of this is true for petrol car.

Sonal Gupta    2015-10-06

Audi Q3 is a luxury SUV so the spare parts and service cost is higher as compare to non-luxury SUVs. Audi Q3 is available only with a 2L diesel engine option, so again maitainence cost rises as diesel engine require more caring comparing to petrol ones. Diesel motors are more powerful and could carry more combustion pressure so it becomes a duty to get the engine checked at regular intervals that include Oil changes etc.

Karan    2015-25-06

As explained by Sonal in her answer, it is obvious that premium cars have high maintenance cost and Audi Q3 is also a part of these premium class car. The spare parts for this premium class are also expensive, if needed. Though the maintenance cost is higher but these cars do not require much maintenance if they are driven properly and regularly serviced at authorized service stations. Other than the regular maintenance like oil and filter replacement, Audi Q3 does not hamper its owners.

Yash    2015-03-07

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