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Is there any specific problems with Audi Q3 ?

By: Saah on 2015-11-02

6 Answers:

The Audi Q3 has some problems like the Fuel economy is not so good which can be improved.The low ground clearance is also a drawback of it.Panoramic sun roof can be available on top variants.The cost of ownership and maintenance is quite higher than other contenders.The some more comfort features can be aided.

TeamAutoportal    2015-11-02

In spite of the dynamic performance of Audi Q3, a few shortcomings do mar its prospects. These include a not so competitive pricing, a low ground clearance of 170mm, dearth of avant garde features across trims, a less than required mileage and no sunroofs in the lower and mid range variants. Added to these are the lack of service centres and non availability of spares in most cases.  

Vishal    2015-10-06

There are a few attributes of Audi Q3 that can be cited as ‘problems’ such as a low fuel economy in the range of 12 to 14 Kmpl, lack of a panoramic sunroof in the base and mid range variants, and lack of a few comfort features save in the top-end trim. Apart from these, the low ground clearance of 170mm does not serve its cause as the SUV needs to travel in difficult terrains and waterlogged streets.  su

Sushant    2015-11-06

Audi Q3 is very good sports utility vehicle which has high performance engine, luxury features and comfortable passenger cabin. But, its low ground clear clearance could be a problem. It has just 170 mm of ground clearance which it not that impressive for a sports utility vehicle. Though, you can avoid problems by keeping tyre pressure as per the company manual, and by driving slowly at speed breakers and bumpy roads.

nikhil    2015-13-06

I agree, low ground clearance of Audi Q3 is the biggest problem of this car. It has just 170 mm of ground clearance just like any sedan or hatchback model. Also, you can not consider Audi Q3 for off roading because of its low ground clearance and you have to drive very carefully always on sharp speed breakers.

aditya    2015-15-06

The older version which recently got replaced with the new variant had few shortcomings like lack of few features which were available in other compact SUVs in its segment and a gripping road presence. To Audi's relief these shortcomings have been met in the new variant though it is still the same when it comes to performance and being behind the wheel but yes with the new additions it has emerged as one of the storngest contenders in this segment.

Vinod    2015-18-06

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