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Do Audi Q5 have high maintainence cost?

By: Om on 23 july 2014

6 Answers:

If you can afford Audi product that means you also can affford AUdi Q5 maintance. Audi also provides 2 years of warranty with 1 year extra warranty buy paying extra money to dealer which comes with lots of benifits which consists of full maintance of every part wihout any running kilometers boundations. The best part every individual can also ask for anti rust facility provided by Audi, this anti rust protection also covers underbody rusting which is going to be a long term benifit for increasing vehicle life. Now if you dont want to spent extra money on maintance and preffer to choose on running then difinatley the petrol mill is the right choice for that particular individual.

Sonal Gupta   2014-07-23

Undoubtedly, Audi Q5 is like maintaining stables and the burden on your wallet keeps on getting hikes by the time passes. The initial owning of the diesel variants of this luxury vehicle consists of Rs. 49.5 to 63.0 Lakh while the petrol trims cost Rs. 47.6 to 53.4 Lakh ex-showroom New Delhi. Although, most of the required features are available in the lower end variants of this car, but you might end spending a few bucks to make them perfect to drive. The spare parts will cost you more as the excise duty applies on these too.

Pavitra   2014-08-19

Since Audi Q5 is a luxury SUV, servicing the wagon requires more experienced and trained staff. The SUV is robust and it wont breakout very easily but servicing requires more pricision so it cost higher than normal budgeted SUVs. Also, the spare parts, if required cost serverly high but on the other hand, it wont trouble you frequently just get the timely servicing done and this vehicle will never let you down.

Neeraj   2015-03-12

Audi is a globally famous brand known for its high-end expensive cars. You can expect its maintenance cost higher than many other cars. Its parts are not so easily available and might be expensive too, this is the main reason for its high maintenance cost. As described by Sonal, company initially offers 2 years warranty but it can be extended to 3 years after paying some extra amount. Diesel mill is more expensive than petrol mill. If you don’t want to spend a large amount on its maintenance than petrol variant is a better option.

Farhan   2015-07-15

Yes the maintenance cost of Audi Q5 is quite high as compared to other cars. If you can afford Audi then you can also afford its maintenance cost. The accompany provides a warranty of 2 years and 1 year extra warranty can be purchased during the warranty period and your warranty gets extended to another 1 yrs.

Veer   2015-09-16

Of course the maintenance cost this SUV will be quiet high compared to others. The initial service of the Audi Q5 is provided by the company for 2 years which can be extended to another 1 year before the expiry period of the limited warranty to another one year.

Hennat   2015-09-18

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