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Why would i buy Audi Q5?

By: Pulkit on 10 august 2014

6 Answers:

This question always come in mind when that individual wants to buy that particular with so and so varient as if he dreamed fo geeting better choice and options in same amount, but Audi Q5 is one of the finest and sportiest Sport utlility vehicle of its class this beast is armed with Audi newest refined quttro all wheel drive technolgy which allows tech your driving skills in seconds. Audi Q5 is not only an performance dominator vehicle but also loade with full fledge entertain system.The best and most important part why u should buy Audi Q5 because it comes with some of the most remakable and resonable safety features to whom you can blindfolded trust on it.

Sonal Gupta   2014-08-10

Buying Audi Q5 at a price of Rs. 45 lakhs is not an easy thing for those, who don't have money to waste. But when a reputed and trustworthy brand like Audi is giving a chance to feel class on low price as compared to others, then why should one back-off from Audi Q5. I bought Audi Q5 few months ago and am totally satisfied with this compact SUV. It's sophisticated look, fuel efficiency, good performance and safety features are like we can blindly trust on them. Comfort features are truly remarkable as well. If they are charging Rs. 45 lakhs, than the folks at Audi are giving us advanced technology, unmatched comfort and supreme performance.

Boman   2014-10-14

The choice of buying an Audi Q5 is perfectly justified, for the SUV embodies a superior drive train generating awesome power and torque, an automated but convenient gearbox to handle speed, top of the line safety measures like ABS, EBD, airbags, anti slip regulation etc., and a modish interior bestowed with comfortable leather seats, entertainment unit, a panoramic sunroof, robust air conditioning unit n al.  

Samast   2015-06-07

Brand Audi with worldwide acclaim makes Audi Q5, the SUV, a worthy proposition indeed. Besides having an aerodynamic body with awesome looks, the interior comforts are what mark this luxury vehicle. These include electrically adjustable plush seats, a climate control unit, a touchscreen based entertainment unit, mounted audio and cruise controls on the steering wheel and a parking system plus unit among others.  

Hiren   2015-06-10

If you are a fan of Q series hatches of Audi, then you are bound to like the Q5. If you are looking for something bigger than Q3 but smaller and cheaper than the Q7, then Q5 is actually made for you. The large proportions give Q5 a muscular build that make it perfect for difficult terrains, but they are not that big which make it cumbersome to be driven in city traffic. It is a mix of both offroader and an urban hatch. Audi Q5 is equipped with all necessary features like Quattro four wheel drive, drive select mode, and superb suspension. All these factors make Q5 a good buy definitely.

Garv   2015-06-12

The Audi Q5 has a beautiful design that make anybody fall in love with it. The Singleframe radiator grille with vertical chrome struts, chrome encapsulated front fog lights, trapezoidal bumper, beautiful tailgate, daytime running LEDs and wedge shaped headlamps, all are signs of a scruplous design philosophy. The electrically operated wide panoramic sunroof gives a royal feel to Q5. On the power front, Q5 is powered by 2.0 Ltr and 3.0 Ltr. diesel engines which produces impressive 174 Bhp and 241 Bhp respectively. All in all, it is a great buy for its price.

Samar   2015-06-14

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