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How good is the suspension of Audi Q5 ?

By: Bharat on 9 january 2015

6 Answers:

Audi Q5 is a true remarkable sports utility vehicle which have some unique off-road capabilities and there is no doubt that Audi Q5 is tough competitors to many sports utility vehicles in Indian market. When it comes to off-road there are 2 major things which decides weather that car is good for off roading or not and those two things are high performance engine and tough but highly effective and efficient suspension system. If you consider the fact and figures you will find that Audi Q5 have both one of the best engine that allows the car to move easily in any conditions and when it comes to suspension system there is a twist. Audi engineers have worked hard to come out with a new kind of suspension system configuration. This system provides flawless shocks absorbing as the suspension system of Audi Q5 includes Five-link front suspension, with anti-roll bar for the front wheel while Independent - wheel, trapezoidal-link rear suspension with anti-roll bar is used for rear wheel. According to me Audi Q5 have the perfect suspension system which allows it to move smoothly even on bumpy roads.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-09

Audi Q5 is the mid-range sports utility vehicle of the famous Q series from Audi India. This SUV is well known for its powerful engine and off road capabilities. According to me a good off roader have the quality of high ground clearance and powerful engine. There should be no doubt that powerful engine of Audi Q5 comes with heavy nature quality which means suspension system have to carry extra load with passenger and luggage in the boot. By keeping everything in mind Audi engineers have installed Five-link front suspension, with anti-roll bar as the front suspension and Independent - wheel, trapezoidal link rear suspension with anti-roll bar for the rear suspension and these mentioned components combine to perform efficient and effective suspension system. With the reference to all this suspension system configurations it should be clear that Audi Q5 is blessed with perfect suspension system. According to above mentioned profile of Audi Q5 this is the best SUV for Indian road conditions.

Rampal   2015-01-21

This feature-rich luxury SUV comes with a quality suspensions consisting of a 5-link system at the front axle while at its rear axle, this car has trapezoidal link type suspension for an enhanced safety on bumpy and zigzag roads. Moreover, the makers have loaded it with gas filled shock absorbers, which augments the suspension. It has a maintenance free rack and pinion based electrometrical power assisted steering featuring speed dependent control for an excellent and fluidic drivability. All these features confer a safe drive even in extreme conditions.

Nahar   2015-02-04

The suspension of Audi Q5 is one of its most praise worthy aspects. For instance, the vehicle comes with Multi-Link front and rear suspensions. Let us take the example of the model Audi Q5 2.0 TDI to understand this better. While the type of front suspension in the model is Five-Link Front Suspension with Anti-Roll Bar, the rear suspension is of Independent variety with Link Rear features and Anti-Roll Bar. Both the front and rear brakes are of Ventilated Disc type. Besides these, Audi Q5 also is popular as a mid level SUVs from the Q series of the company for its that is engine power. These features constitute together to be counted among the top SUVs that offer great mileage and praiseworthy fuel efficiency.

Hemank   2015-02-14

Audi has worked really well to ensure maximum comfort during journey. Audi Q5 comes equipped with highly advanced suspension system which absorbs maximum jerk due to pot holes on the road and keeps vehicle stable even at high speed which further enhances the driving and handling comfort.

Yatin   2015-06-09

Audi Q5 has got excellent suspension system with damping control. Its dynamic suspension system can be controlled electronically to adapt different driving situations. Driver can select Dynamic or Comfort options and the suspension system will adapt Dynamic or Comfort oriented characteristics. It can be controlled through Audi Drive Select system.

Rishi   2015-06-11

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