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What is the seating capacity of the Audi Q5 ?

By: Vihaar on 14 january 2015

8 Answers:

Audi Q5 is the extended version of Audi Q3 but with better improvements in terms of comfort, performance and safety systems. To make Q series much more attractive Audi blessed Q5 with one of the finest leather upholstery all around the cabin which looks flawless and shouts luxury from the every corner of Audi Q5 and that though with details and not only look good this material also feels very good. Audi Q5 shares the same seating capacity as that of Audi Q3 which is 5 passenger for its full efficiency including driver but Audi Q5 have more leg room and head room if we compare it with Audi Q3. The seats of Audi Q5 are also very well designed to give better and comfortable driving experiences. Passengers of any size can sit easily inside the cabin of Audi Q5. Overall Audi Q5 is better then all sports utility vehicles form Audi in India and surely everyone would love to drive this powerful beast.
Sonal Gupta   2015-01-14

The real characteristic of Audi Q5 is its spacious interior, which allows the occupants having their body a little more stretched. All the seats are well-cushioned and have a fine quality fabric. Five occupants can enjoy the journey with limitless space. The driver seat is finely built so that it can cater the driver to have a better outside view and make him reach every equipment easily. Around the seats, there are many storage space features, which make the journey more luxurious. With a humongous boot space of 540 liters, this car absorbs much luggage.

Banar   2015-02-13

This spacious comes with immense interior space to give you the proper feel of a full-fledged SUV, especially when it comes to the seating capabilities of this car. The back and front seats are wide enough and five people can easily board this car with immense head, leg and knee room. The thigh support provided by the seats makes the entire seating much cozy and pleasing. The seating capacity can be extended by unfolding the third row and vice versa if you want to increase the boot space of this SUV.

Tanmay   2015-02-25

Audi claims that this new variant Q5 offers comfortable seating capacity of five adults. This can further be evaluated by analyzing the available leg space, headspace and the space availability in between the front and rear seats. If you take into account the example of Audi Q5 2.0 TDI in order to compare this then you will find that you will find that the car has a comfortable dimension of 4629 mm length, 2089 mm width and 1655 mm height. This automatically adds spaciousness to the vehicle. The front headroom is 1043 mm and the rear legroom is 990 mm. The adjustable seats and 60:40 Split foldable rear seats help in expanding the space inside the car when needed. Mention needs to be made of the 540 litres boot space too that gives the car greater storage facilities. Now although this is the specifications of one variant of Q5, the specifications of other variants are fairly similar. All these aspects team up together in order to give the sedan Audi Q5 comfortable seating capacity of five passengers as it claims.

Armaan   2015-03-05

Audi Q5 has a capacity to accomodate five adults comfortably.

Aditya   2015-06-10

Audi Q5 is known for its rugged design, power drive and utmost comfy interiors. The premium SUV has got superiorly designed interior cabin that is perfectly suited for 5 adults. It has electrically adjustable sports seat that can be adjust height wise and back and seat angle wise while the rear seats are foldable to create extra luggage space. Also, a four way lumbar support for extreme comfort has been provided for front pessengers. All the seats are ergonomically designed hence offer complete back, neck and head support.

Nannu   2015-06-24

This car has the normal seating capacity as any other SUV car. That is 5 people including the driver himself. The car is quite spacious and feels premium. If you want to go for a stylish version choose Q7 which has much more space in its cabin and hence big.

khushal jumdagni   2015-07-07

Audi Q5 has a normal seating capacity of 5 people including the driver. However it contains a massive boot space to carry lot of luggage at a time. The car is a total functional version and I love it because of its premium feel and good spacious cabin loaded with features.

hari om pal   2015-07-08

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