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Which is the best varient of Audi Q7?

By: Ojas on 2014-18-07

9 Answers:

Choosing between different products is comparitively easy than choosing between varients of same products. Sometime particular individual ends in failure of choosing right varient which satisfy its need and on other hand some buyers paid extra money for technology which hardly worth to them. The base line is that choosing between right varient can save your money and if you go any expert advice he ends up saying that choice is yours as the engine under the hood of all varients is same.

Sonal Gupta    2014-18-07

Choosing the best varaints totally depends on the end user. The pricing can significantly differ from varaint to varaint and therefore it is necessary to keep the cost in mind. In terms of performance, the 4.2L TDI engine offers more power and torque than the smaller 3.0L engine. The array of features offered in Audi Q7 3.0 Technology edition is excellent.

Sagar    2014-24-09

The top-end range of any vehicle is its best variant due to added features and functionalities. But in the case of Audi Q7, the 4.2 TDI Quattro trim is preferably better than even the high-end 3.0 TDI variants because of its greater engine power and torque. But if you are cost conscious and still wants the best in terms of features, the 3.0 litre TDI Premium Plus is worth a dekko. 

Iqbal    2015-08-06

Audi Q7 has three basic variants. Among all, 4.2 TDI Quattro offers more power and torque comparing to 3L engine. The base model 3.0L TDI Quattro that has an ex.showrrom price tag of 64.4 lacs. With a difference of around 10 lacs from base model, Quattro technology is the top-end model that packs additional features and qualities. Opting a particular model totally depends on buyer's choice but you can surely a big amount by purchasing the base Q7 variant.

Prateek    2015-23-06

The color of a car depends on its owner’s choices, likes and dislikes. It would not be justice to pin point a best color as all the colors provided looks stunning on Q7. German car makers presented AUDI Q7 in total of 10 colors as mentioned by Ashwani in his answer. Each color has a unique charm and looks beautiful on it. As every person has his/her personal liking about the color, I would go for IBIS WHITE as it creates a pearl effect on it. This color is an eye catching color and looks amazing on road.

Umang    2015-08-07

Audi Q7 is available only in diesel variant with two types of engine which are 3.0 TDI and 4.2 TDI engines. The 4.2 liter diesel engine produce a maximum power of 340bhp while 3.0-liter engine produces 245bhp as maximum power. The big 4.2 liter engine gives a mileage of 11.33kmpl whereas the other engine gives a better mileage of 12.07kmpl. Engine is the only difference between these two variants. All other features remain intact for both. As we can see that mileage of both the car is almost same, I would suggest you to go for 4.2-liter engine variant as it provides high power speed.

Apurva    2015-16-07

Choosing the best variant totally depends on the user. Different variants have different price and features. According to me the 3.0 TDI QUATTRO PREMIUM PLUS has the best value for money. This is the mid trim of Audi Q7. This trim features the advanced parking system plus, advanced four zone automatic air conditioning, multifunction power steering wheel etc. This trim is blessed with BOSE surround sound system that includes fourteen loudspeakers.

Divyank    2015-20-07

All the variant of this car model uses the same engine that is 3.0-litre 241.4bhp 24V V-Type Diesel Engine. This motor has the ability to generate a peak power of 241.3bhp in the range of 3800 to 4400 rpm and yields a commanding torque output of 550 Nm in the range of 1750 to 2750rpm. The dynamics of all the trim is almost same. The only difference is in the features.

Ashakiran    2015-30-06

I would suggest you to buy the top trim of this vehicle. It has lots of handy features like an advanced cruise control with brake intervention system that maintains the set speed constant, while dealing with obstructions ahead. Apart from these, it has features like auto release function, front center armrest, electromechanical power steering with tilt and telescopic adjustment, electric sunblind for rear windscreen, storage package, sun blinds for the rear windows etc.

Gurudas    2015-31-07

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