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Why should i buy Audi Q7?

By: Dakashesh on 2014-17-09

5 Answers:

Audi Q7 got is stadom because of its muscular and aggresive looks. This car is the right choice for those who love to own an high performance parameter SUV as the refined all wheel technology from Audi is fair enough to deliver maximum power from gearbox to wheels in facrtions of seconds. Lastly but not least it comes with tons and tons of cabin space which provide enough head room and leg space for passengers and Audi designers did a smart move by installing reosnable boot space which is enough to carry baggages.

Sonal Gupta    2014-17-09

There isn't one but several reasons as to why you should buy Audi Q7. For the first thing, the interiors are upscaled as compared to the former version. Secondly, you get a feature rich cabin which flaunts almost every feature that you expect in 60 lakhs budget. What you may not like is the hefty weight and poor boot space. Anyways, you still get a very stable car when you push the race nob into corners.

Manuta    2014-29-09

Audi Q7 is the best SUV from Audi and the top most model of famous Q series. There are plenty of reasons which are enough to convince you to buy Audi Q7, taking examples like powerful nature but still engine shows acceptable fuel economy numbers, loaded with tons of electronic gadgets which everyone would love to play with, best in class safety systems, well spacious cabin and to improve the driving experience which is further supported by adjustable and comfortable seats. Overall you will simply love Audi Q7.

Kanahi    2014-20-11

Audi’s Q7 SUV is one of the most elegant SUV in its segment. After hearing its specs, you would surely plan to buy it. It comes with an advanced braking and suspension mechanism that keeps the vehicle well balanced at all times. Furthermore, it is blessed with an electronically controlled air suspension system, which helps in keeping it stable while off-roading. Its instrument panel is incorporated with a number of warning and notifications, which keeps the driver updated while driving. Apart from these, it comes with full size airbags at front, rear and sides.

Naresh    2015-18-06

Audi Q7 is at the top of the food chain when it comes to size in the Audi world. It is a 7 seater SUV with powerful engines and pretty muscular looks. It presents a good road authority and makes you the centre point of attraction. The immense power its mill produces is delivered to all the four wheels within fraction of seconds through an intelligent automatic transmission system and lets you enjoy pressing the accelerator. The cabin inside is super spacious, as comfortable as it can be and contains everything you can think of in this price bracket from utility to luxury, making it the first choice of a SUV lover

Sarfraz    2015-19-08

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Why should i buy Audi Q7?

Dakashesh    2014-17-09

5 Answers
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