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Which is the best colour in Audi Q7?

By: Ratang on 2014-27-07

5 Answers:

Theis is large variety of Indian buyers maintality as some of them use vastu shastra and other religious activity to choose right colur and some use fact and figures wo choose most selled colour so to overcome this problem Audi provides intelligent colour selction i.e. all colours and feels decent on Audi Q7 awese as they provide total of 5 colours which consists of Orca Black, Teak Brown Metallic, Atlantis Blue, Graphite Grey, and Ice Silver Metallic.

Sonal Gupta    2014-27-07

The best colour in Audi Q7 depends on the personal choice of the buyer. Audi Q7 is currently available in six metallic body colours- Teak Brown, Ice Silver, Ocra Black, Atlantis Blue, Carrara White and Graphite Grey. All these colours are extremely eye catchy. Each colour lends a different look to the vehicle while not taking away the sophistication and masculine appeal of the SUV.

Shakeel    2014-21-08

One would definitely want a large number of choices in colour if he is willing to spend such humongous money to buy an Audi and that too a Q7. Audi has respected this desire of customers and has launched the Q7 in total ten colours. The options are Cabalt Bule, Condor Grey, Ice Silver, Garnet Red, Lava Grey, Night Black, Teak Brown, Ibis White, Bahia Beige and Orca Black. Colour is always subjective so no colour can be said the best. My personal choice is the Night black. This huge SUV looks quite intimidating in this colour.

Ashwani    2015-06-06

Audi Q7 is a legendary SUV that has best in class features including exterior styling, power, interior comfort and quality and convinience/safety features. Audi Q7 comes in 6 color variants - six metallic body colours- Teak Brown, Atlantis Blue, Carrara White, Ice Silver, Ocra Black, and Graphite Grey. Choosing a color is solely depends on customer's taste but I think dark hues looks best on Q7.

Shivam    2015-26-06

The Q7 is a beautiful looking SUV and anybody investing such a hefty price for it would want the best of colours to adorn their beauty. And audi designers has taken full care of that. The Q7 is currently available in 10 colours. If you want your SUV as the executive class vehicle and impress the corporate world, then Condor grey, ice silver, bahia beige would be suitable. While the cabalt blue and garnet red would make it look sporty and aggressive. Whereas the presence of evergreen colours like shades of black and white makes it beautiful anytime anywhere.

Pawan    2015-08-09

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