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How is Audi Q7 different from its predecessors?

By: Ganesh on 2015-18-04

6 Answers:

The car is delight in itself. It is plush with ample amount of features in it. It can be brought to the table with innumerable count of specs which have kept it superior than its competitors. The sturdy consrtuction of it has made all the difference. There is hot formed steel along with aluminium in it at different places used to make it .There is also use of in maing its suspension which could mark a distinction in it as the large amount of aluminium is used in it. It is not that much weighted thus it looks lighter and yet classy.

TeamAutoportal    2015-18-04

Audi brand always follows progressive strategy of refining and adding latest technologies to new variants. Quattro is synonymous with better and smoother handling capability, higher safety standards with adherence to stricter Indian green environmental friendly emission norms of BS IV g/km. The luxury SUV packs a mean punch of shorter turning radius and improving on its suspsenion. Electronic light sensors, rain sensor, tration control, immobilizer, and lighter alloys allows faster pick up and lighter feel even at it gross weight.

Mahima    2015-29-04

While Audi Q5 has known as a compact SUV, Audi Q7 has gained the fame of being a full family SUV. This implies that the interiors and the storage areas of Q7 are much greater than its predecessor Q5. The new vehicle can accommodate two more adults than the five adults’ seating space that was available in Q5. The turbocharged gas inline of the engine of Q7 comes with six valves now, which was four valves in case of Q5. However, the variant Q7 is less fuel efficient than that of Audi Q5. Even, the mileage offered by Q5 in cities and in highways is a bit greater than that of Q7. Nevertheless, it has to be taken into account that while the highway range of Q7 is approximately 580 miles, that of Q5 is about 555 miles. Similarly, while the city range of Q7 is about 420 miles, that of Q5 is 395 miles. Again, the fuel tank capacity of Q7 is 26.4 gallons which is almost 5.6 gallons more than that of Q5. This upgraded version of Audi SUV also comes with more torque and more powerful engine.

Nimi    2015-02-05

Audi Q7 is the tallest, most luxurious and powerful model among all the Audi Q series sports utility vehicles. It is has got more number of luxury feature, it is very tall and its front appearance is very aggressive. Its rear portion also looks very stylish with large tail lamps, sporty exhaust system and large rear bumpers. Its passenger cabin is very spacious with recliner seats.

Karan    2015-15-07

No doubt, Audi Q7 comes equipped with large number of advanced comfort and convenience features. Its chrome finished interior looks like a cockpit with loads of features and control buttons. You can even monitor the tyre pressure by sitting at driving seat only. Though, safety features in Audi Q5 and Q7 are almost same but Q7 is far ahead when we talk about the luxury and comfort.

Adveiyt    2015-17-07

Even, the engine of Audi Q7 is much more powerful than its predecessors Q5 and Q3. Its 3.0 Liter, 2967cc, TDI Quattro diesel engine, generates 241 bhp of maximum power with 550 Nm of maximum torque. Though, one of the variant of Audi Q5 has also got the same engine but it priced almost similar to the entry level variant of Audi Q7.

yash    2015-19-07

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