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What is an ABS unit? How many different types of system are there and how does it work?

By: Raj on 2016-16-06

1 Answers:

ABS is basically an Anti-lock braking system which is based on the fact that when a wheel is skidding, there is less traction. ABS stops the vehicle from skidding while allowing you to stop quicker as well as it lets you steer while you stop. In other words, when you’re on a slippery surface like loose gravel or snow then ABS allows you to control your vehicle better during braking. When you press the brake in emergency then you might feel a pulsing in the pedal but that is normal but the pedal should be kept pressed until ABS does its work and brings the car to a halt.
The four main components of ABS include:
1. Valves that have three typical positions. First position of the valve is when it is open and the pressure from the master cylinder goes through till the brakes, second position is when the valves block the line which prevents the pressure from rising in case the driver presses the brakes hard and finally the third position is when the valve releases the pressure from the brake.
2. The second component of the ABS is the speed sensors that determine the increase and decrease of speed of the wheel.
3. The Third important component of an ABS kit is the pump which is used to restore the pressure to the hydraulic brakes. When pressure is applied by the driver then this pump helps by restoring the required amount of pressure to the braking system.
4. Finally, the fourth component is the controller which receives information from each wheel via the wheel speed sensor and when it receives a signal that a wheel is losing the traction then it limits the brake force which is termed as Electronic Brake distribution and activates the modulator which turns the brake valves on as per the requirement.
ABS types can be
1. Four channel, four sensor ABS
2. Three channel, four sensor ABS
3. Three channel, three sensor ABS
4. Two channel, four sensor ABS
5. One channel, one sensor ABS 


Ankur    2016-16-06

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