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Should I buy a pre-owned Audi Q7 which has driven upto 90,000 kms at a price of Rs. 11 – 15 lakhs? What about its maintenance cost?

By: Ravindra maganalal on 2018-27-03

1 Answers:

That completely depends how well that car has been taken care of over the last 10 years and also depends on whether you're interested in safety, reliability or features & look.

If you are interested in safety the newer the car is, the better it will be. If reliability is your priority then again you should not go for a 10 year old car.

If you are interested in car’s look and features – then it would not be a bad idea, if the car is in good running condition, has received scheduled service, and has been well maintained. It will be better to get a thorough inspection performed by a well qualified mechanic or an Audi dealership before buying it.

The resale price (Rs. 11-15 lakhs) seems to be a reasonable for a 10 year old Audi which has driven upto 90k kms, if it is in good running condition.

Talking about maintenance cost, so owning a 10 year old car a has high probability of enhanced maintenance cost, and Audi’s are expensive to maintain and you have to be prepared to part with money to replace components before they break.

Saddam Khan    2018-27-03

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