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Audi Q7 Reviews

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121 Audi Q7 User Reviews

Love You Audi

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Manpreet on 10 june 2016
hi, guys I have been driving my Audi Q7 since last two months. I am very fond of sporty cars and, of course, nothing can be better than the AUDI Q7. The exteriors of the car have been designed to meet the huge expectations of the global car lovers. The interiors are plush and are equipped with su...  Read More »

Premium SUV

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Kunal on 10 june 2016
My Audi Q7 is just Three months old. I am very happy after this purchase and love to drive it every time. Whether it is the city conditions or the highway, the car surprises you with its awesome performance. The driving and handling of the car is very easy and predictable. The ride quality is gre...  Read More »

Perfomance Super

Overall rating: 4.50 Reviewed By: Ashish on 10 june 2016
Audi Q7 has rocked the industry with its great looks and awesome performance. The exteriors of the car have some sense of aggression. The interiors of the SUV are aesthetically soothing and functional. There is a lot of space and seats are very comfortable. When it comes to performance, it has no...  Read More »

Speed machine

Overall rating: 4.75 Reviewed By: Rajib on 10 june 2016
Audi Q7..I personally feel you need to drive the beast and you will your self come to know about one of best SUV on earth. Steering wheel, seats, engine, gearbox, audio system etc all are best in class. I went for a long drive with my friend and I got to drive it for few kms. I can titled it as a...  Read More »

Overall okay

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Shreya Urvashi on 30 december 2015
My husband has a 2015 Toyota Tacoma which rides a lot better than this Q7 which is quite disappointing for the money. I'm already ready to get back into a car but I guess that will have to wait. I find the little bumpy in this car. You should not go for this.  Read More »

Its awesome

Overall rating: 3.50 Reviewed By: Rujhan Sikhar on 28 december 2015
The Q7 is a great SUV, it comes loaded and has good exterior looks, great cabin design. You feel at home in this ride. High enough to see around you, yet lower enough to feel connected to the road. Great cabin space for all passengers, lots of standard features, other brands charge you for!  Read More »

Its all about Audi

Overall rating: 4.00 Reviewed By: Ranjhan Devi on 26 december 2015
Great car, loved it all but we are now transporting around more grandchildren and needed something bigger. My husband wanted to stick with the Audi so I went along. We test drove the Q7 and what we thought was an awesome ride we were thinking it was the tires getting balanced themselves..  Read More »

Luxury car

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: Sathya on 11 october 2015
Suraj is right. This is luxury and comfort designed. The ride quality of the car is great, and you will find the car a great hit among the users. You can find the grip on the road, and it is beyond expectations. However, you will find that the car has lesser service stations  Read More »

It is a status symbol

Overall rating: 3.00 Reviewed By: aditya on 9 october 2015
Audi Q7, makes me proud to own. There are of features that can be appreciated in Q7. The quality of ride and suspension are great. The interior build of the car is good, and the materials used are also of high quality. Acceleration is also good, and you cannot go without mentioning it.  Read More »

A proud owner of Audi Q7

Overall rating: 3.50 Reviewed By: Vinay Kumar on 28 august 2015
I am a proud owner of Audi Q7 this vehicle has loads of appreciable features but the best part which I like the most is its unmatchable ride quality with high quality suspension. Its interior build with high class materials and equipped with modish features, power and acceleration is good, becaus...  Read More »
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