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How is the Audi R8 engine and usage?

By: Namrata on 2015-02-01

7 Answers:

The R8 is the best thing happened to audi till date. It is an everyday supercar which could definitely thrill you with the engine specs it has and still can be affordable and comfortable. The car has only a single variant in India, a 4.2L petrol mill having 8 cylinders aligned in a V.The engine has the FSI technology which controls the fuel intake and gets you the maximum out of it. The powerplant can churn out a massive 420bhp of power and 317Nm torque. It can go from standstill to 100kmph in just 4.4 seconds and can deliver a top speed of 301kmph.
Sonal Gupta    2015-02-01

Audi R8 carries an advanced engine to give a super sports car-like performance. The car is offered with two engine choices-V8 and V10 which egenrate maximum power of 316kW and 386kW respectively. The car zoom from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds with the V10 engine and 4.3 seconds with the V8 engine. The direct fuel injection technology FSI, high-rev concept and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission lend a superior performance to the engine.

Pushpa    2015-28-02

Audi R8 comes to the party in two petrol engine options. The base one is equipped with a 4.2 litres 8 cylinders 32 valves 4163cc powertrain that churns out maximum power and torque values of 423.7bhp at 7900rpm and 430Nm at 4500 to 6000rpm respectively. The rest of the trims are equipped with a 5.2 litres 10 cylinders 40 valves powertrain churning out power and torque figures of 517.6bhp at 8000rpm and 530Nm at 6500rpm. 

Faidam    2015-07-06

Two petrol engines are responsible for delivering the awesome power and torque to Audi R8. The base variant (FSI Quattro) sports a 4.2 litres engine delivering 4163cc of displacement. The rest are fitted with a 5.2 litres engine delivering 5204cc of displacement. Furthermore, the second engine in the top-end trim (read V10 Plus) delivers extra power and torque outputs of 541.7bhp and 540Nm, respectively. 

Adit    2015-10-06

Audi R8 is a perfect sports coupe model which has racing genes and you can feel it while driving on highways. Audi R8 coupe delivers unmediated control over illimitable power. Its 4.2 Liter FSI engine delivers 423 bhp of maximum power with 430Nm of maximum power. On the other hand, its 5.2 Liter FSI engine delivers 517 bhp of maximum power with 530Nm of maximum torque. The combination of this high level of power and torque results excellent acceleration and the car take off like a rocket.

Raj    2015-12-06

Thanks to the German engineer, the engine weight of Audi R8 is near to the vertical axis, which ensures perfect distribution of axle road which results easy handling of the vehicle at high speed. The vehicle has got the HRC (High-Rev-Concept) concept to ensure delivery of outstanding power and torque at high RPM which results excellent acceleration and pick-up.

Yatin    2015-13-06

The Audi R8 comes in 6 different variants. These variants have two engine options. The entry level trim is powered with 4.2-litre petrol motor with direct fuel injection technology. While the remaining variants are equipped with 5.2 litreV-type petrol engine. the former churns out a power of 42bhp while the later unleashes 517 bhp of power. Both the engines are paired with eight-speed automatic transmission gearbox. this engine gives a very impressive and stunning acceleration of 100kmph in 4.4 seconds. the all wheeld rive system makes it very athletic and easy to drive.

Shantanu    2015-25-06

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