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How is maintenance of this car?

By: Kushagharh on 2015-07-01

12 Answers:

If you can own a Audi R8L then you seldom worry about maintenance cost of it. However as a owner of one of the best cars in the world, you would be passionate to keep it in best condition always. For this Audi has provided all information about vehicle status available at finger tips. Audi Informatics gives out information right from engine oil level to air pressure in tyres.  Even slight malfunctioning of any component is indicated along with location of the fault.
TeamAutoportal    2015-07-01

Audi R8 is a luxury sports car which is desireable for its powerful performance and great looks. It is expensive to maintain but not diffcult. Audi provides great after sales service and now has workshops in various cities. Audi CarLife program offers 2 years extened warranty over and above the standard 2 year warranty provided at the time of purchase. 24x7 road side assistance, easy availability of genuine accessories and various service plans make it easier to maintain an Audi vehicle.

Tanish    2015-12-02

The maintenance of the Audi R8 is slightly on higher side as the company brings this sports car in India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) and its parts are also imported from its Germany based manufacturing plant. Though, after sales service of Audi India is very good and you must not be worry about that.

Manesh    2015-02-08

Though, the spare parts of Audi R8 is bit costly because it is directly imported from company’s Germany based manufacturing plant but they have built a quality product and the vehicle has a very long life including its parts. So you should not be worry about that as you will not require to replace the parts frequently.

Kalpit    2015-04-08

I agree the after sales service of Audi vehicles are very good in India. Audi India ensures very good service to its customers so you should not be worry about that. Though, the service cost of Audi R8 is bit higher because company bring it as a CBU (Completely Built Unit), but if you compare the maintenance cost of Audi R8 with its major competitors you will not find very big difference between them.

Raghubeer    2015-06-08

Audi India has more than forty dealers and service centers across India, you can find its dealership centers and service centers in any big cities. Though, service of Audi R8 is bit high as company brings it in India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit), but you will not require changing or upgrading its spare parts frequently as Audi has made very high quality product with a very long life.

Adhaan    2015-21-08

The maintenance cost of any car is declining these days because of refined engines and usage of high-end technology. But as audi is a premium brand and R8 is an ultra-luxurious sports vehicle, the maintenance is substantially higher. Same with the spare parts, the genuine parts would be so expensive. A regular checkup according to company guidelines is required and changing of oils and fluids is a must.  Also, Audi provides a warranty for few years that leaves you worry-free for starting years.

Jassi    2015-17-09

The maintenance of a super car never comes at a cheap price but surprisingly for R8 it does. The gar is a goddess with easily replaceable parts. The construction of this car is done so elegantly that the servicing and maintenance is too easy. I love this car very much.

Nikhil Mehta    2015-29-09

Audi R8 is a beautiful super car perhaps the cheapest super car ever built. I love the car and it is my dream car. The maintenance of the car has always costed me a lot but I feel it is worth it. I clean it with my own hands every day.

Navneet Bharadwaj    2015-02-10

The R8 is my dream car and I would love to have it someday but the only factor that bothers me is that in spite of paying so much money the car is not at all convenient to be caused any replacement with. This car is totally dunked if one part is spoiled.

Bhavna Verma    2015-05-10

The car comes with all the costly equipments and parts and hence if any of the part is damaged it will definitely cost a fortune in order to get in replaced. Also the Audi work station is a professional place and the mechanics and highly paid so it will cost more.

Monty Sherawat    2015-06-10

Audi R8 is the best in the segment and is my favourite car. I know all about it and have even worked on one before during my college internship. The bests part in having the car is that it is so awesome and cheap to maintain even though it’s a super car.

Kuldeep Vashisht    2015-08-10

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