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What are the salient features of Audi R8?

By: Prasoon on 2015-14-03

9 Answers:

Audi R8 has been equipped heavily with several additons to its previous models. The car is made a supercar with V10 engine which can surpass its competitors on various facets. There is a lesser weight in it whihc is about 50 kg lesser making more capable of being handled. the dampers are stiff and still they are adaptive. Despite a lower ground clearance it has fairly enough visibility. It can have more of an usual Audi with its sports mode disengaged and its automatic gearbox turned on. Driving it is not a challenge as one can drive it like any other sedan.

TeamAutoportal    2015-14-03

Audi R8 is loaded with so many advanced features and it is quiet difficult to mention all of them here you can refer its model page for detailed information. The USP of Audi R8 is its high performance 5.2 Liter, 10 Cylinder, 40 Valve petrol engine with S tronic automatic transmission which delivers 541.7bhp of maximum power with 540Nm of maximum torque. This high level of power and torque makes it able to cross 100 kmph speed mark in just 3.6 seconds and to reach the top speed mark of 314 kmph.

Dolly    2015-31-03

The Quattro technology is offered with Audi R8 keeps it apart from the class and this turns the driving experience excellent. The efficient engine provides a remarkable acceleration and pickup. In terms of look, this sports car seems to go beyond imagination and astonishes with the brilliant external as well as internal appearance. The external appearance is enhanced with LED lighting, which adds stars to its highly adorable appearance. However, the seating is for only two people provided, but they really enjoy the drive with impressive coziness.

Ganga    2015-09-04

Among the most noteworthy features of Audi R8 include its light weight construction than its predecessors along with the capability to offer high performance. The muscular aesthetics of the vehicle along with its distinct sidelines give it the trademark look of the vehicle meant for motor racing. The wide air inlets at the sides enhance the sporty look further. However, besides aesthetics the air inlets guarantee that there will be sufficient supply of cool air for the engines and brakes of R8. The characteristic four rings of ‘Audi’ trademark has shifted its position this time and moved on top of the grille. The engine of R8 has been installed beneath the rear window with an additional option of engine compartment lighting for its remarkable display. The interiors of this new SUV from Audi feature a clever interplay of high gloss black color and raw aluminum shade. Different storage options and the full leather Nappa upholstery with diamond patterned stitching is an addition to this. The side blades of R8 have been carefully engineered to enhance the look of the vehicle simultaneous with guarantying proper air circulation to the engine. The design of the headlight has been altered and provided with a daytime running light strip that surrounds it. The series of six LED lights along with the turning light that gets activated when the vehicle accelerates to 40 KMPH make R8 look enigmatic.

Priti    2015-16-04

Among the notable features available in the coupe rear AC vents, automatic air conditoner, pwoer steering, keyless start/button start, paddle shift, lumbar support for driver's seat, Bluetooth compatibility, iPod compatibility, USB compatibility, Aux compatibility, electrically adjustable sunroof, airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist, electronic stability and traction control.

Aniket    2015-11-06

Audi r8 is a fully featured premium sports vehicle that is currently available in 4 variants in india and classified on basis of styling which are coupe and convertible. The V8 coupe is powered by an ultra powerful 4.3 l engine capable to churn out 423.7bhp power in combination with 430Nm torque. Other variants have 5.2 l 10 cylinder engine intact with stronic transmission system. It could reach a top speed of 314 kmph and could achieve 100 kmph in just 3.6 sec.

Ashu    2015-06-08

The Audi R8 is a super car with the V10 engine, and there are lots of other features that surpass the rivals in the market. The car has dampers that are very stiff and adaptive. The ground clearance is low, and the visibility is higher.

Arjun    2015-11-09

The Audi R8 has lots of advanced features, and the USP of the car is high, and 5.2 liter, 10 cylinder, 40 valve petrol engine, and the automatic transmission help in increasing the performance of the car. The car can go up to the speed of 100 km in 314 kmph.

Manish    2015-14-09

The Audi R8 has the Quattro technology, and the driving experience becomes very pleasant. The acceleration and pickup of the car are very extraordinary. The LED lighting is increased. The appearance becomes great with this. There are seating for 2 people, and the coziness is improved.

Hasrat    2015-15-09

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