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What are the unique features of Audi R8?

By: Harshad on 2015-09-04

16 Answers:

Audi R8 is indeed a splendid drive with all its specs making it above the normal Audi. The engine is extavagantly advanced with limitless power in it.The automatic gearbox of the car is tremendously changed with R-tronic single clutch gearbox converted to S-tronic which is a dual clutch gearbox. Its ride on normal roads will become monotonous as it has rather heavier steering. Overall the car is a lot fimer in its position than its other rivals.

TeamAutoportal    2015-09-04

The unique feature of Audi R8 is its high performance 5.2 Liter, 5204cc, V-Type, 10 cylinder, 40 valve petrol engine with S tronic automatic transmission gearbox. This powerful engine generates maximum power of 541.7bhp with maximum torque of 540Nm. This high level of power and torque ensures excellent pick up and acceleration and it can cross 100 kmph speed mark in just 3.6 seconds from stand still and it can touch the top speed mark of 314 kmph.

Viraj    2015-29-04

Audi R8 is a highly acclaimed sports car featuring a plethora of unique of unique features. At present, this vehicle is available in 4 trim levels christened namely V8 Coupe, V10 Coupe, V10 Spyder and V10 Plus. It is powered by a cromlech 4.2 engine, which generates healthy power of 423.7bhp and 430Nm of torque. There are several comfort features shown by this car including the hill hold assist, driver infotainment system and cruise control system. These features turn the entire experience of driving incredible as well as luxurious for the occupants.

Harman    2015-17-04

The main USP of Audi R8 is its unique sporty design and its powerful engine. Moreover, the car has got stylish “Space Frame” body which includes aluminum profiles with multi-functional castings. It helps reducing the power consumption and improving the performance of the engine. Also, this frame is much stronger than any conventional steel body and ensures maximum protection of the passengers.

Anand    2015-25-04

Its race car inspired steering wheel would be the unique feature of this vehicle. It will include display on steering wheel which is inspired from Audi R18 e-tron Quattro race car. This race car inspired steering wheel will have more than 20 controls on it including four new satellite buttons. It has also the key driving dynamic parameters which can be set through the control buttons placed at the steering wheel.

sanshu    2015-01-05

No doubt, the pick up and acceleration of Audi R8 is best feature of Audi R8. Its 4.2 Liter engine powered variants can reach 0 – 100 kmph in 4.3 seconds and it can reach the top speed of 300 kmph. On the other hand, its 5.2 Liter powered engine can cross 100 kmph barrier in just 3.5 seconds and the maximum speed of this variant is 319 kmph.

Jatin    2015-17-05

Other than the power, performance and appearance there are so many features in Audi R8 which no one can ignore. There are hundreds of luxury comfort and convenient features to make your ride pleasant. On the other hand, its advanced Bang and Olufsen surround sound system keeps the occupant entertained during the journey.

Aradhy    2015-30-05

Among the most uniue features of Audi R8, the first one is its bold, stylish and elgant aerodynamic looks. In interiors, it has driver oriented interior design with different control functions in reach. It comes with Alacantra leather upholstery. The seats are eelctrically adjustable with 4-way lumbar support. Further, it comes with slew of sophisticated safety features like airbags, aluminum spaceframes, ABS with EBD and ESP. Apart from this, the acceleration and pickup of this car is remarkanble and thus it is most appreciated for its perfromance.

Tanuj    2015-18-06

Hello friends, the above about the unqiuye features of the Audi R8 absulutely described this winderful. This car has been world renowned for its outstanding performance and stunning looks. Its special features like Alacantra leather seats with lumber support and memory settingd enhance your level of comfort. Further, there are several sophisticated and useful features that makes this sports coupe stand out among all. the safety features are par excellence. Overall, this is a perfect car for sports enthusiasts.

Harman    2015-20-06

R8 is not yet another Audi car, and it has got the impressive features, which would make it far better than any other Audi car. The engine is extravagant when it comes to the power, and the gearbox is great. The R Tronic single clutch gearbox will offer you a great drive even on the simple roads. The steering is heavy, and is in fact a best car in all aspects.

Rohan    2015-28-06

This is a highly acclaimed car, with high performance. The car has gearbox of 5.2 liters, V type S tronic automatic transmission, and the engine is of the maximum power of 541.7 bhp. The maximum torque is of 540 Nm. The top speed the car can touch is 314 km per hour. It can be reached in 3.6 seconds. The comfort features are too many. The cruise control system is additionally alluring.

Vipin    2015-17-07

The car maker has fitted the front wheels with a set of wave brake discs featuring 8-piston brake calipers. While the rear ones are equipped with high performance ventilated disc brakes, which are loaded with 4-piston calipers. This mechanism is assisted by the anti lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution and hydraulic brake assist system. The variants are available with a set of stylish 18-inch and 19-inch cast aluminum alloy wheels.

Haroon    2015-19-07

This model series is equipped with a slew of sophisticated safety features, which ensures maximized protection to the vehicle and to its passengers as well. The list includes four airbags, side impact protection beams, integrated head restraint system and automatic 3-point belts with force limiter and belt tensioner. It also has a sophisticated roll-over protection system, which automatically activates the protective system behind the head restraints.

Jayaprada    2015-28-07

The car maker has equipped the V8 Coupe trim with an sound system including a concert radio and Bluetooth interface. It also has a single CD player with MP3 playback, a 6.5-inch TFT color screen and two memory card slots. Furthermore, it also has AUX-In socket and a total of seven speakers with five channel amplifier. While the remaining variants have been bestowed with a sophisticated Bang and Olufsen surround sound system that has a total of 12-speakers

Virikvas    2015-31-07

There are advanced features like electrically adjustable seats with 4-way lumbar support, 3-spoke leather wrapped multifunction steering wheel, power windows with one touch operation, an ashtray, cigarette lighter and 12V accessory power socket. This model series also have aspects like hill hold assist, parking aid plus with reversing camera and a cruise control system, which provides excellent aid to the driver. Its dashboard is equipped with an advanced driver information system featuring high resolution screen.

Shiveshvar    2015-05-08

Audi R8 is a highly praised sports car featuring a surfeit of unique characteristics. At present, this vehicle is accessible in 4 trim levels names namely V8 Coupe, V10 Coupe, V10 Spyder and V10 Plus. It is motorized by a cromlech 4.2 engine, which produces vigorous power of 423.7bhp and 430Nm of torque. There are several comfort characters shown by this car that includes the hill hold assist, driver infotainment system and cruise control system. These qualities turn the entire experience of driving implausible as well as lavish for the occupants.

Kamesh    2015-20-08

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