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Audi RS5


Audi RS5 Key Features

Bucket Seats

Bucket Seats

The shaped sports seats in Alcantara-leather combination or Silk Nappa leather provide excellent hold.

Audi Drive Select

Audi Drive Select

Configure the accelerator characteristics,exhaust flap control,transmission mode,as well as the steering torque of servotronic.



The differential enable higher locking factors up to 85% of the driving torque to be distributed to the rear axle & 70% to front.

Key Features will be different from variant to variant


  • Aggressive styling
  • Impressive power
  • Refined interiors


  • Non-adjustable suspension
  • Slightly unintuitive control layout
  • Slightly over priced
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Audi RS5 Reviews (92)

My friend’s excellent choice

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Praveen Sharma on 14 June 2015
My friend has this car and a few times I drove this car, it driving experience is out of the box as Mr. Singh said that its cruise control is very good and different from other vehicles which make it more comfortable car but the company has to give inbuilt Bang and Olufsen sound system not as optional.  Read More »

Designed for the special ones

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Nikita Mehta on 15 October 2015
I bought this one because it was love at first sight for me. I have admired the Audi brand from a long time and I always wanted to buy a top-end car that had was packed with advanced features and had a great design. This car offers great handling with better suspension in its class. Other features like...  Read More »

Unreliable clutch, pathetic service

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Gautam Ghulati on 03 October 2015
The new safety features that are installed in the car are something to appreciate about. The new safety features that are installed in the car is something to appreciate about. This has forced me to go for the car. The Audi RS5 is one of the finest creation of Audi and I really appreciate them for this,...  Read More »

Finally the RS5 at my door

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: J PSingh on 16 September 2015
I purchased this magnificence vehicle few days back, this vehicle has astounding ride quality and road grip. The interior has loaded with heaps of innovative features that enhances the driving experience as well as journey experience, its overall appearance is also very attractive, after long wait this...  Read More »

Audi RS5, my brother’s brilliant choice

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Tanmay Bhora on 22 August 2015
I feel the same as you read in previous review that this is the finest creation of Audi. My brother brought it and I also drove it many times, the ride quality is excellent with superb grip on road. The power and acceleration is very good and interior is well designed and so comfortable.  Read More »

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Audi RS5 Overview

Audi as an automaker is renown for creating cars that have a legacy to themselves. Be it sports vehicles or utility vehicles, Audi has always been on the forefront of innovation and technology over the years. And when such an automaker comes up with a new coupe that has slight shadows of a sedan, the world better look up because it might just be the night game changer in the market. The car in discussion is the Audi RS5. Equipped with a 4.2 L Audi’s signature FSI Quattro engine, the car offers performance and class that can only be dreamed by many automakers around the world. Audi apparently targeted the mid range luxury car segment with this car.

Audi RS5 Overview

This vehicle has all the specs of a limousine range car yet the modesty of a regular sedan or coupe. One needs to see the single side door to tell whether the vehicle is sedan or a coupe such is the design brilliance of the vehicle. With striking looks and an even more appealing performance, the vehicle took no time in raising hopes among the automobile fraternity.

Audi RS5 Overview

Audi RS5 Exterior

It is a futile task to try to appreciate the beauty of an Audi’s exterior because the wise have spoken time and again about it that anything said now would just be a repetition, such is the consistency of the design beauty of Audi. One can hardly pin point a single curve that could have been made different or even a single aerodynamic feature that would be better some other way. Because the engineers down at Audi make sure only the best of best reaches the customer.

Audi RS5 Exterior

The front section of the vehicle looks remarkably sleek with the signature Audi front grille having a rather smaller are to conquer than usual. The four intersecting circles shine bright on the grille. The headlamps are low battery consuming and come in a perfect shape as the eyes of a cheetah. The air vents are beautifully positioned under the headlights over the front bumper which is the same as the whole body since it blends as a part of it. The front fascia also consists of smoke headlamps. The side profile creates the quintessential Audi design school with swift strokes at the sides for perfect aerodynamic flow and the wheel arches, etc.

Audi RS5 Exterior

created in an almost seamless design. The sun roof in the top makes things even better by not just offering great ambience to the interiors but also interesting addition to the exterior beauty. The fog lights are also provided in the rear section along with the rear window defogger and rain sensing wiper on front windshield to help the vehicle commute in all atmospheric conditions. All in all, with two doors, the Audi RS 5 is a coupe to be longed for.

Audi RS5 Exterior

Audi RS5 Interior

When Audi makes a car, it is more like creating a sculptor. With every corner and every edge of the car masterfully designed, Audi RS 5 takes the car’s interiors and makes them a standard for luxury.

Audi RS5 Interior

The controls are driver focussed and the slight hood that covers the instrument panel behind the steering wheel and extends to the AC vent make its territory description quite obvious. The steering wheel sports a few options of control however it does not stop the vehicle from loosing its elegance. Being a true designer Audi knows when to over do and when to settle for minimal art.

Audi RS5 Interior

The vehicle comes with a best in class air conditioner, heater, digital odometer, beautifully designed ergonomic seats in the front and the rear, tachometer, leather steering wheel and adjustable steering column and the obvious space that it offers in the interiors. The vehicle’s length is 4649 mm and the height is 1366 mm. Both of which assure a spacious leg room and head room.

Audi RS5 Engine & Transmission

Audi RS 5, unlike its cousins comes with only a petrol variant in India. The car is offered with the innovative FSI engine. The trick in this technology is that is injects the fuel directly into the combustion chamber where it gets highly compressed creating a consistent mix of fuel and air so the performance would be rather fluid without any bumps. The same direct injection also helps in cooling the combustion chamber which in turn increases the engine compression, resulting in higher output and impressive torque.

Audi RS5 Engine & Transmission

Audi claims that the engine responds quickly to the slightest touch to the throttle. With a whopping 430 Nm torque generated at 4000 rpm to 6000 rpm, the car assures to go to revs as high as 8500 rpm which, by regular coupe standards, is way off the charts. The vehicle also has an amazing pickup with the Audi RS 5 reaching 100 kmph mark in just 4.6 seconds from which it rides effortlessly like wind. The car also comes with an automatic transmission system which makes driving even more effortless. The car also gives a maximum output of 438 bhp at 8250 rpm. With four valves per cylinder, this V8 engine sure takes driving to a whole new level.

Audi RS5 Mileage

Running on petrol expecting the car to offer outstanding mileage, despite the exceptional performance is nothing short of a sin. Though Audi RS 5 offers compelling performance, it does manage to give out decent mileage though. The coupe offers 5.6 kmpl mileage on city roads while the same on highways reaches 9 kmpl. However the 65 litre fuel tank capacity makes up for the mileage by allowing the vehicle to run for miles without sweat.

Audi RS5 Braking and Safety

Audi RS 5 comes with best in class braking system which includes Anti lock Braking System, EBD, clutch lock, Brake Assist, Engine Immobiliser to name a few. However it’s the safety that truly steals the show. The Audi RS 5 comes with strategically positioned airbags in the front, rear, to the side, etc. The coupe also offers crash sensor to avoid any collision impact before hand. Other than these standard packages such as Power Door Locks, adjustable seats, seat belts for the rear passengers, door ajar warning, engine check warning, child safety locks come in handy.

Audi RS5 Braking and Safety

Audi RS5 Performance and Handling

Audi RS 5 comes with the innovative S tronic gearbox that offers the best of manual and automatic transmission. While the system gives the smooth, effortlessness of an automatic it also packs in the low fuel consumption philosophy of a manual transmission system. The vehicle comes with several other features in terms of performance, for instance the brake assist helps the manoeuvring of the vehicle in the most remote and rigid of terrains. The real credit probably goes to the fuel choice. Offered with a petrol engine, the car manages to offer exceptionally good performance at a fraction of the cost compared to diesel. With a brilliant suspension system and chassis in place, Audi RS 5 is a delight for all time.

What do we think about Audi RS5?

If you can spend an extra pack of money, go for Audi A8 L. While the coupe is all comfortable and remarkable in design and features, it still remains not so practical a solution for the Indian roads or families in general. If you are however looking at style statement, look no further for Audi RS 7 is as good as a luxury coupe from Audi can get.

Audi RS5 Competitors

Audi RS 5 has an in house key competitor in the form of Audi A8 and Audi A8 L. Offered in similar appeal, though these two fall under the category of sedans, they do give a tough time for Audi A8 L due to their similar and slightly more flexible features. In other companies, BMW M4 and Mercedes Benz C63 AMG can be seen as potential competitors.

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