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What are the safety features available in Audi RS6?

By: Deep on 6 august 2015

6 Answers:

According to me, Audi RS6 is brightly handled. The shaft wheel of the automotive helps the automotive to get on road even at high speeds. I am very happy as a result of it offers comfort for the duration of your journey. I’m keen on driving and this can be the most effective car I actually have until date. It’s a well affected vehicle in most of the settings. It’s fine alternative for luxury. 

Anuj   2015-08-06

Well I feel handling are some things subjective and depends upon the driver and the passengers. Audi RS6 provided with latest technology gadgets which offer you the utmost driving pleasure. Its stylish wheel makes your car simple to drive & control. There’s no downside in handling this automotive after you are in traffic or finding house for parking. I’m fully glad with this vehicle and feel pride to own Audi RS6. 

Aprachit   2015-08-07

As far as the specification of Audi RS6 is concern it's far-famed for the comfort and convenience. Buying for Audi RS6 could be a nice plan if money is not a concern. It’s higher to drive and appearance as compare to different cars of the similar varies. As I skilled this car likes to play and offers wonderful transactional and dynamic behavior. I have to say the brakes of Audi RS6 are terribly sturdy.

Jannet   2015-08-08

Speaking about Audi RS6, this model comes lavishly equipped with navigation system, leather seats that are very comfortable, stylish alloy wheel and plenty of different normal options. Yes, I consider all those who suppose that it's a gorgeous automotive that delivers luxury with good mileage. It always offers mileage of 14.8 mpg in town and 19.9mpg on highways. Till now I didn’t find any disadvantage in the car, I love this car. 

Vaishnav   2015-08-10

If you would talk about me it is very easy and comfortable to handle Audi RS6, with its shaft wheel its get on the road helping the customers traveling on a fast speed. I really feel happy with the comfort level while driving the car on long journey.

Bharat   2015-10-15

The Audi RS6 is a superb piece of automobile that is a style statement for a lot of its proud owners. With great powers comes great responsibilities and the RS6 adheres to this axiom in every sense by providing a better safety system for its passengers. The disc breaks, ABS, Anti theft alarm and airbags make the car a cocoon.

manoj gaur   2015-10-23

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