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Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Overview

There are simple looking Audis and then there are mean looking Audis. Fortunately, the RS7 falls in the latter category. As if the A7 with its fastback styling wasn't good enough, Audi brought in the sportier version, the RS7.
Apart from the other sports saloons like the BMW M5 and Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, the RS7 mainly rivals the BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Exterior

Although based on the A7, there's no mistaking the RS7 for anything else. It shouts out loud that it is the faster cousin, and unless we take into account the presence of the R8, this is very much the top-spec sporty Audi you can buy in the country.
The huge 20-inch wheels, the massive air dams up front, and the oval tailpipes are the features of the Audi RS7 Sportback that stand out.??It is not subtle when it comes to the design upgrades over the regular A7. There's a lot going on in terms of design, and while these are just small changes over the A7, it's quite visible that Audi has made this car special. And sporty, of course.?

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Interior

The upgrades trickle down to the interiors too. There's a flat-bottom 'RS' steering wheel, Audi's MMI system, various RS badges, leather treatment, sports seats, and the optional carbon fibre trim on the dashboard, that make this super-quick vehicle a lot special too.
Creature comforts are aplenty, and since this sits on the top of the range, there's just one trim level on offer. ?Based on the RS7, it still banks upon the goodness of the Fastback car, apart from its sporty nature. There's a good amount of room inside, good enough to tell Aston Martin Rapide owners what's a comfortable (yet sporty) sedan is like.?? It would be wrong if we talk about the quality here, because the Audi RS7 sits almost at the top of Audi's line-up. The German carmaker has had a tendency to keep the fit and finish in a league of its own, similar treatment is given to the RS7 too.?

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Engine & Transmission

The RS7 uses a turbocharged V8 engine that produces 560hp of power and 700Nm of torque. The 4-litre petrol engine sends power to all four-wheels via Audi's quattro system. There's an 8-speed tiptronic gearbox taking car of the transmission duties.
But it's not just outright power that Audi gives with the car, the German carmaker instead provides more usable power. No doubt it is quick, and can travel almost anywhere as long the roads are well-laden.??As for the efficiency, when you are not using all of the power, the intelligent engine management system deactivates cylinders so as to keep the fuel-efficiency high.

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Mileage

Talking about fuel-economy, the top-spec RS7 is claimed to deliver an overall fuel economy of about 10kmpl. It depends on the driving conditions, and if you are to drive the car giving fuel beans, expect a lot less in terms of fuel economy.

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Braking and Safety

Apart from involving a great range of active safety systems, the ABS-equipped ventilated discs on all four wheels can shed speed quickly, keeping up with sporty character of the RS7. ?
The quattro permanent all-wheel drive system not only gives the RS7 a unique character, it also helps keeping the vehicle predictable and safe under tricky conditions. Airbags include full-size ones up front, side airbags at front and rear, and head airbags up front.

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Performance and Handling

A car that does 0-100kmph in less that 4-seconds, and can reach electronically limited speeds of 250kmph with ease, has to be something! And the RS7 indeed is. With those figures, it cannot just give competitors nightmares, it can even trouble the R8 supercar for that matter.
Handling is aided by the potent chassis, the adjustable suspension, and the quattro system by Audi. The 20-inch standard rims (21-inchers also available as option) are great for handling. ??The car inspires confidence, but it has a negative side too. While it's an overall wonderful product, the vehicle is not made for bad roads. And that's something that needs to be kept in mind always.

What do we think about Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015)?

RS7 has it all. From great powertrain, quattro four wheel drive system, and customizable suspension setup to aerodynamic bits (even active aero parts like the retractable rear spoiler), everything makes the RS7 so special.
It might not be the most popular of Audis in India, but hey, this is a performance sedan that costs almost twice of what cars its size are available for. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe, in comparison, offers rear wheel drive and a handling that's arguably more focussed towards the driver. Better the driver behind the wheel, better would the BMW M6 GC perform. But in case of Audi, it's slightly different. The Audi RS7 is idiot-proof to an extent, and a bit less fun that the BMW. But if you are looking a hot grand tourer which can carry more or less the same speed in wet as it does in dry, there's no looking further than the RS7.??It makes more sense than any outright supercar. If you have to live with the car everyday, the RS7 seems to be a great option. Also, needless to say, you need deep pockets, along with a well-protected driveway too.??Now since Audi doesn't offer the S7, this is the only fast and powerful fastback car you can buy from the German carmaker. The A7 is a good option, but it's not close to the RS7 when it comes to being sporty, special, and obviously, exclusive.

Audi RS7 (2013 - 2015) Competitors

Sports sedans that can take on the RS7 include the likes of Mercedes Benz E63 AMG and the BMW M5. But comparing apples to apples, it would the BMW M6 Gran Coupe that poses threat to the Audi RS7.??The M6 Gran Coupe is rear wheel drive, and could appeal more to BMW loyalists, and enthusiasts.

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