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How is the fuel economy of Audi RS 7?

By: Shagun on 2015-05-03

8 Answers:

When you are expecting some good performance numbers and efficient control with well assisted systems then according to me you should not consider the fuel economy because when you are getting much power package then you neglect one factor. The above profile shows that Audi RS7 is not a fuel efficient car but still engine under the hood is capable of providing fuel economy numbers of 9kmpl which is acceptable. Overall 9kmpl fuel economy is perfect with the character of this car.

Billi    2015-05-03

Audi RS7 is equipped with high performance 4.0 Liter petrol engine which delivers a blend of astonishing power, pick up and mileage. Despite the fact that it is equipped with big and powerful engine with automatic transmission gearbox, it delivers impressive mileage of 7.5kmpl in city roads and above 13 kmpl on highways.

Mrinal    2015-31-03

Although, the buyers must not have big expectations in terms mileage from such luxury cars as they are basically meant to perform beyond imagination, therefore, a 4.0L, V8 petrol engine serves Audi RS7 and it displaces 3993cc. The impressive petrol trim is loaded with a direct fuel injection technology. This motor helps this car to deliver a meaty mileage of 13.3kmpl on highways, which comes down to approximately 7.19kmpl within the city. However, the performance of any vehicle largely depends on the driving and conditions including roads and whether etc.

Raman Handa    2015-19-03

Audi RS 7 is a performance car which has been designed to give best in class torque and speed. These kinds of cars do sacrifice the fuel economy in lieu of better performance. Same is the story with RS 7. Audi claims that V8 4.0 TFSI engine of RS 7 ensures that on partial loading, it works only on 4 cylinders out of 8. Thus, it saves fuel without compromising on performance. It gives a mileage of 13.3 Kmpl on highway rides and of 7.2 Kmpl on city runs. However, the actual mileage delivered depends a lot on traffic, road conditions, driving habits and climate.

Ravi    2015-27-03

Audi RS7 deliver 7.2 kms in city conditions and on highway it returns 13.9 kms in a litre.

Arif    2015-17-06

the Audi RS 7 offers an ultimate driving experience to its users with its V8 petrol engine that comes with direct fuel injection and turbo charging. The engine is very efficient and delivers great performance. However, the mileage comes out to be quite low. this is around 6kmpl in city conditions and 7kmpl on highways. For most of the people, this feature becomes a major turn down while buying Audi RS 7

Garv    2015-01-07

Audi RS7 is a brand new, great sports and racing car. It has got racing DNA in it. It has a 4 liter petrol engine which delivers a blend of astonishing power, mileage and pick up. So when you are getting a power packed car, you have to neglect one factor; the mileage because the fuel economy of Audi RS7 is not up to the mark. The Audi RS7 has a mileage of 9 km per liter which is acceptable when we look at the other features this car provides. So you got to overlook the mileage and enjoy your sporty ride.

Narsi    2015-22-07

Given the money one has to pay to acquire the Audi RS7, it's only fair enough to say that that the fuel efficiency of this car is really amazing. It is equipped with an effective 4.0 litre petrol engine that does not fail to provide a perfect combination of speed, power and mileage. It seems that the Audi RS7 consists of an automatic transmission gearbox; as such, this car provides an impressive mileage of an approximate 7.5kmpl while driving in cities. When it comes to cruising on highways, the Audi RS7 provides a decent mileage of an approx 13kmpl.

Alpesh    2015-06-08

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