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Audi S4 Reviews (30)

Amazing car

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Rahul on 02 May 2015
Audi S4 is a fantastic car as the engine of this car is powerful and responsive. The immediate output is observed when the pedal is pressed. Turbo lag is not there in this car. The AC is powerful and can cool down the whole cabin within seconds of startup. Overall i think the Audi S4 is a wonderful car...  Read More »

The Luxurious Fast Drive

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Arbaz Khan on 05 May 2015
Audi's S4 is a premium level car. I own this car in black colour. The black shines so well that it acts as head turner for all. The premium essence of Audi make the rider and the passenger in this car feel good. Overall the Audi S4 is a wonderful car for all speed lovers and attention seekers.  Read More »

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Audi S4 Overview

Have a family of four, want to cover ground fast, but without losing any of the style quotient? The Audi S4 might be the car for you. Audi doesn't sell the RS4 in India, and even if that was possible, in real world conditions, the power and torque from the S4 is good enough, not just to go quick, but also keep a wide grin on the driver's face, always.??

It's way more powerful than the other Audi A4 variants, gets Audi's quattro four wheel drive system, and looks more stylish too. The differences (apart from the S4 badges) are not as noticeable, and that's what gives the S4 the 'sleeper' look.

Audi S4 Exterior

On the outside, the dimensions remain the same as the A4. The front is sportier in comparison but the changes are subtle, the sides are very similar, and the rear is not much different either.

?Think about the Audi S4 as a more stylish version of the A4. The wide grille, the LED headlamps, 'S-Line' bodykit, quad exhausts at the back, and obviously, the numerous badges on the car make sure that car's uniqueness is noticeable.
It looks sport because it very much is. The contrasting colour scheme on the rear view mirrors add to the whole look. The length of the car is just right, it's neither too small nor too long. It now remains to be seen if Audi continues with the same proportions when the S3 is launched here.?

Audi S4 Interior

The all-black interior is what enthusiasts love. Being dark, there's less reflection from the dashboard when sun's overhead and on the whole, the interior scheme lends sportiness to the car. The space is as good as in the A4, and that's where the S4 plays its trump card: It is spacious and practical, but aimed at enthusiast too!??It is decently equipped.

You do get the MMI system, but there's not many drive-related options available on the car.??As far as space is concerned, it's close to what you get in the A4, just that the black interior doesn't lend the roomy feel. While it's shamelessly aimed at the enthusiast, the space has been taken care of quite well. The boot is as spacious, and if driven with a light foot, it would be hard to understand if it's an A4 or the more powerful version of it.

Audi S4 Engine & Transmission

The Audi S4 uses a turbocharged V6 petrol engine that makes 335PS of power and 440Nm of torque. Like other driver-focussed Audis, this too comes with a quattro four wheel drive system.

The gearbox duties are taken care of by a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which not just is more engaging to drive, it's miles ahead when compared to the Multitronic CVT unit Audi offers on other cars.??Drive it easily and the S4 rewards with a serene but engaging driving experience. Push the car a bit, and you come to terms with the fact that this is no routine A4.

Audi S4 Mileage

While the S4 doesn't have the best ingredients for getting the best fuel economy, but Audi believes that the car can manage about 10.34 kmpl. The 61-litre fuel tank does give it a range good enough to explore the expressways of the country.

Audi S4 Braking and Safety

The car is laden with driver aids, from Antilock Braking System to Electronic Stability Program. Safety has been a concern, and more so with faster cars, but looks like Audi has it covered here.
The car comes with ABS equipped brakes, full size airbags up front and side airbags (both in the rear and front), traction control and stability aids to keep the car from losing control.

Audi S4 Performance and Handling

If you compare the S4's handling to other versions of the Audi A4, the S4 will surely win hands down. Even away from isolation, it doesn't shy in delivering a rewarding driving experience. The powerful engine and the great amount of stability help the car score some great points in this regard. ??The car comes equipped with quattro four-wheel drive system, which adds stability and confidence in the way the car drives. It handles wonderfully, and doesn't let you long for a more powerful version of the vehicle.
The suspension is nicely setup too, and copes up with both mundane and enthusiastic driving. It obviously makes a better noise than the other A4s, which is a plus point.

What do we think about Audi S4?

While the A4 fails to bring great amount of pleasure to the driver, the S4 does it all with so much charm that it's easy to forget that it's not an out and out sportscar. The fact that it can do everyday tasks without any problem shows the commendable product Audi has made.
The S4 brings a lot to the table, and manages to steal enthusiasts' hearts instantly. So if it's a driver-oriented Audi you are looking for, the S4 might just be it. Although you can get a couple of two-seater sportscars for similar money, but let's not forget that the S4 can trump all of them when it comes to practicality. And it can rejoin the race too.

Audi S4 Competitors

Priced under Rs 50 lakh, ex-showroom, the S4 looks like a option, but it must be noted that for similar money, you get premium executive sedans. Add some more to your budget and you would be able to get a two-seater sports car. ??It is almost isolated, sitting above similarly sized cars but right below the premium executive sedans. But what we often forget is that this is no regular A4. It's a 300+ hp vehicle, that doesn't just looks nice but drives equally well too.

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