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Audi TT Defogger

Audi TT

Audi TT looks quite impressive and performs brilliantly. Audi TT comes loaded with features like defogger, anti-theft wheel bolts, auto hold assist, LED daytime running lights etc. All the components of the TT have been carefully crafted to give one a perfect and comfortable ride that is like no other. The competing BMW Z4 and Mercedes Benz SLK Class are equally popular in the segment, giving Audi TT a run for its money.


The Audi TT defogger is very efficient and usually the temperature for the windscreen goes up to 30degrees Celsius when the Audi TT defogger is used. This feature helps one drive comfortably in all types of weather conditions thus helping one be safe while driving even through a rough patch. With Audi paying attention to even something as simple as a defogger in Audi TT, it poses quite a challenge to the competitors but nonetheless, the competing cars are at par with it if not a notch up.

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Audi TT

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