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What is the Ground Clearance of this car?

By: Sumant Shrivastava on 5 june 2015

7 Answers:

Hey Sumant Shrivastava !!

Yes the Audi TT 2015 is fairly Ok for driving on the Indian road conditions. It looks like a sports car but has very good handling and comfort driving on the Indian roads. Its compact, has good visibility, usable ground clearance and a turning radius almost identical to a Hyundai i20. But you should take care of driving it over potholes and speed breakers. The new Audi TT is a nice little sports car. But it is a hugely amazing experience.


Team Autoportal

TeamAutoportal   2015-06-10

Some cars are defined by their looks, some by performance and some by engines. Likewise, Audi TT 2015 is defined by its style. It is a decent sports car which provides a very good driving experience on any type of roads. As stated in the previous answer, this sports car has a good ground clearance of 135 mm and provides good visibility on roads. In terms of ground clearance, this car gives a tough competition to its segment cars in BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Karan   2015-06-13

Audi TT 2015 is provided with a ground clearance of 135mm or 5.31 inches which is above the threshold limit of 128mm for 2-seater cars. Ground clearance of this car is sufficient and does not creates a problem for its owners to drive it on Indian roads. Some of the other cars in its segment are BMW Z4 and Mercedes Benz SLK class which comes with 130mm and 120mm ground clearance respectively. Hence, Audi TT is provided with an appropriate ground clearance for its segment.

Dev   2015-06-16

The ground clearance of Audi TT is 165 mm.

Sanam   2015-06-18

Audi TT 2015 is more or less good car to drive on Indian roads. I must say that the car has all the features that make it perfect for Indian roads as well. Though it looks like a sports car, it has good handling and you can have a comfy drive. This car provides a ground clearance of 130mm.The car provides good visibility on roads. So it is great car from the house of Audi. This car gives a tough competition to its segment cars from BMW and Mercedes Benz. You can always go for this car if you want a decent car.

Harshwardhan   2015-07-16

The ground clearance of the new Audi TT is fairly good for the Indian roads and driving circumstances. It has 165mm of ground clearance which is a standard ground clearance for the Indian roads. Even if we compare the ground clearance of Audi TT with the most popular sedan of the Indian market Honda City, it has the same 165 mm ground clearance.

Arman   2015-08-14

Yes, I also agree with this. 165 mm of ground clearance is quite decent for luxury sedans as low ground clearance keeps the vehicle stable even at very high speed but sometimes it becomes difficult to drive such vehicle which has very low ground clearance on rough roads and through the large speed breakers but 165 mm if quite fine.

Emmi   2015-08-16

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