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Expected Price:

 2.00 – 3.00 Lakh

Expected Launch Date:  Feb 2019


Bajaj Qute (RE60) Preview

Bajaj RE60 is the petite hatchback from Bajaj Auto Ltd which is yet to be launched in India. Expected to be priced competitively the hatchback will lock horns with the likes of Tata Nano which is presently the cheapest car in India. Touted to be a passenger vehicle with a capacity to accommodate four people, Bajaj claims to replace their three wheeler rickshaw with the upcoming RE60.
Bajaj Qute (RE60) Preview
The company is expected to roll out two trims in the model series, including an entry level variant and a top end trim equipped with an array of comfort fitments. Under the hood could be a low displacement single cylinder engine pumping out insignificant power and torque output. However when it comes to performance and fuel economy the low displacement petrol engine is likely to deliver promising performance.

Bajaj RE60 Engine & Transmission

Bajaj Auto is expected to house a 200 cc low displacement, single cylinder petrol engine under the hood. The water-cooled, four valve, DTSi engine is expected to outputting maximum power output of 20 Bhp which is not very impressive and significantly low than Tata Nano. Top speed offered by the vehicle is likely to be around 70 kmph. A conventional five-speed manual transmission is likely to be mated to the petrol engine.

Bajaj RE60 Expected Mileage

When it comes to fuel efficiency Bajaj RE60 is said to be extremely frugal in nature. Speculations suggest that the 200 cc, single cylinder, petrol engine could run up to 24 kms in a litre in city conditions. Bajaj Qute (RE60) Preview
On the other hand the fuel economy numbers are even better when driven on highway, according to rumours Bajaj RE60 could return an impressive 35 kms in a litre on highway. Compared to its arch rival Tata Nano, Bajaj RE60 is capable of delivering much better fuel economy.

Bajaj RE60 Expected Price

When it comes to price, Bajaj RE60 is going to be tagged on the lines of rival Tata Nano labelled as the cheapest car in the country. Rumour mills suggest that Bajaj RE60 could come with a price tag of Rs 2 lakh which is extremely affordable. Bajaj Qute (RE60) Preview

Bajaj RE60 Expected launch date

Exhibited first at the 2012 Auto Expo held in the month of January in New Delhi, the launch of Bajaj RE60 is still awaited. But it seems the company will finally raise curtains off the RE60 and push it forward in the arena to compete with the petite wagons in its segment. As for the launch of the vehicle is concerned the hatchback is likely to be spawned anytime this year.

*All information provided for this model is for reference only. Actual specifications may vary at the time of the car launch

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (3)

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  • Does Bajaj Qute RE60 offers AMT transmission?

    ramesh    2018-11-30

    No, Bajaj Qute (RE60) is not expected to offer AMT transmission but a manual transmission mated to 5 speed which will expect to deliver a maximum mileage of 35 kmpl on road.   Read More

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  • How to book Bajaj Qute RE60 in Raebareli city?

    Rakesh Kumar Gupta    2018-07-30

    According to sources, Bajaj Qute/ Bajaj RE60 is available for commercial use only and will be available in selected cities according to Govt permits.   Read More

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Bajaj Qute


Bajaj Qute is indeed a cute car in all respects. Also known as the Bajaj RE60, the Bajaj Cute will compete with the Tata Nano for the tag of the least expensive car in India. Bajaj Auto is planning to replace their three-wheeler rickshaws with this four-seater mini hatchback or quadricycle.


Bajaj Auto Ltd. is predominantly a two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicle manufacturer. When launched, the Bajaj Qute RE60 will be the first four-wheeler vehicle manufactured by Bajaj Auto. The Bajaj Qute launch date in India should be in the initial two months of the year 2019. Therefore, by February 2019, you should expect the first Bajaj Qute car on the Indian roads.


The Bajaj Qute India has an exciting history. Originally unveiled on 03 January, 2012 at the Auto Expo in Delhi, the Bajaj Qute is the product of collaboration between Bajaj Auto and Renault. The Indian automobile rules did not classify it as a car. Hence, the Government restricted the sale of the Bajaj Qute to individuals. On 22 May, 2013, the Government of India legally classified the Bajaj Qute as a “quadricycle” and allowed the vehicle to be used for commercial purposes.       


With the clearing of all legal hurdles, you can expect the Bajaj Qute online bookings to commence anytime.


Bajaj Qute – Price in India


One of the least expensive cars in India, the Bajaj Qute price in India will be between INR 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs. The Bajaj Qute on-road price will be higher because of the road tax, registration fee and insurance.


Bajaj Qute – Specifications


The Bajaj Qute RE60 will be the smallest hatchback in India. The Bajaj Qute will be similar to the Tata Nano in many ways. You can expect the Bajaj Qute to be a four-passenger vehicle. The company plans to release two variants of the Bajaj Auto Qute in the market. The top-end variant will have an array of comfort fitments as compared to the entry-level version.


The Bajaj Qute specifications could include a low-displacement single cylinder engine. It might be low on the power and torque output, but the Bajaj Qute reviews point out that the performance of the Bajaj Qute is promising.


The Bajaj Qute will have a 200 cc petrol engine that will be able to deliver a maximum output of 20 bhp. It is lower than what the Tata Nano offers. You can expect this small car to have a conventional five-speed manual transmission engine. The positive aspect of this vehicle is that the Bajaj Qute can deliver a healthy mileage of up to 24 kmpl in city traffic. On the highways, the Bajaj Qute RE60 can deliver up to 35 kmpl. This vehicle is better than the Tata Nano in this specific aspect. The car can also generate a top speed of 70 kmph.  


Bajaj Qute – Design


The Bajaj Qute has a cute design that looks attractive from the exterior as well as the interior. The small design can enable the vehicle to navigate through the busy city traffic easily. Parking the car into tight places would be easy.


The Bajaj Qute car images show that the vehicle has a sturdy design capable of protecting you from the sun and the rain. Navigating the vehicle in water-logged conditions will b possible because of the 12-inch alloy wheels. These wheels will give a better grip on the roads. Hence, you can call this Bajaj Qute RE60 as a powerful quadricycle.


The Bajaj Qute interiors will be spacious enough to accommodate four people, including the driver. It should live up to its reputation as the smallest car in India that provides a decent degree of comfort. You cannot expect the latest safety functionalities at the Bajaj Qute car price.


Bajaj Qute – Remarkable Features


  • The smallest car in India

  • Competes with the Tata Nano in almost all aspects

  • Internationally renowned as the Bajaj RE is sold in more than 25 countries

  • Easily navigable in city traffic

  • Compact design makes driving the vehicle easy

  • Excellent Bajaj Qute mileage of up to 35 kmpl




Bajaj Qute – Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Bajaj Qute concept?


The word “Qute” stands for “Compact Quadricycle.” Bajaj Auto is a reputed two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicle manufacturer in India. The Bajaj Qute is the company’s first foray into the four-wheeler sector.


2. When is the expected Bajaj Qute car launch date in India?


The expected Bajaj Qute launch date is somewhere around February 2019.


3. What is the expected Bajaj Qute price and mileage?


The Bajaj Car Qute price in India should be in the range of INR 2 to 3 lakhs. The objective of Bajaj Auto is to introduce a low-cost car to cater to the lower middle-class section. The Bajaj Qute mileage is a good one as it can deliver up to 35 kmpl on the highways. However, the mileage drops inside the city limits to around 24 kmpl because of the city traffic.


4. What type of car is the Bajaj Qute?


Bajaj Auto has manufactured this car as a replacement for their three-wheelers. The Bajaj Qute car images show that it is a small hatchback capable of accommodating four passengers, including the driver.


5. Does the Bajaj Qute have an AC?


Bajaj has built this quadricycle to be cost-effective and hence comfort features like air conditioner have been skipped.


6. Is Bajaj Qute exported to various countries?


The Government of India did not allow the sale of Bajaj Qute vehicles in India at the time of its unveiling in 2012 because it did not consider the vehicle a car. However, with the revised norms, Bajaj Auto has now started exporting the Bajaj Qute car to countries in Europe, Africa, South America and the rest of Asia.


7. Who manufactures Bajaj Qute in India?


Bajaj Qute is a result of the collaboration between Bajaj Auto and Renault. Bajaj Auto manufactures these cars in their automobile factory near Aurangabad in Maharashtra.


8. Is the Bajaj Qute an environment-friendly vehicle?


Yes, the Bajaj Qute is an environment-friendly vehicle. It emits 66 grams of carbon dioxide per km, much lesser than what other cars do.


9. How is the Bajaj Qute engine?


The Bajaj Qute has a 216 cc single-cylinder petrol engine that makes it capable of a top speed of up to 70 kmph.


10. Who is the immediate competitor to the Bajaj Qute?


Tata Nano is the only competitor to the Bajaj Qute today in almost all aspects.


11. Which is the better car between Tata Nano and Bajaj Qute?


The Bajaj Qute launch is due by February 2019. However, early Bajaj Qute reviews show that the Bajaj Qute compares favourably with the Tata Nano in many aspects. The Tata Nano has a more powerful engine in comparison to the Qute but the Bajaj Qute RE60 is better in terms of mileage.     

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