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About Bentley

Walter Owen Bentley was the youngest of the 9 siblings and was born in 1888. He founded Bentley Motors in 1919 after he was awarded the MBE for his role in World War I and introduction of aluminium pistons that made fighter planes more powerful and reliable. Along with the award, W.O. Bentley also received £8,000 from the Commission of Awards to Inventors. This provided him the much-needed capital to start his car company, which was his dream from the very beginning.


W.O Bentley knew what he wanted – a fast and good car that was the best in its class. While he was working to develop his first Bentley, W.O. Bentley received recognition from the Autocar magazine, claiming that he was working on a car model that would be a genuine racing car but with touring accessories. This was the three-litre Bentley. Later on, he went on to develop the 6.5-litre, 6-cylinder engine Bentley car, which was launched in 1926. A couple of years later, he introduced the 4-cylinder, 4.5-litre Bentley followed by the 6-cylinder and 8-litre Bentley in 1930. All these Bentley car models were meant as road cars and were designed for power, performance and endurance. Bentley cars showed their abilities by winning the Le Mans four consecutive times, from 1927 to 1930. After 1930, Bentley no longer took part in the Le Mans.


However, things did not brighten up for the brand, as the 1929 Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression saw the demand for expensive motor cars diminish. As a result, the company could not meet its mortgage payments in 1931, resulting in bankruptcy filing. The company was bought by the British Central Equitable Trust, which was a front for Rolls Royce Limited. The company was christened as Bentley Motors (1931) Limited.


After another bankruptcy in 1970, the company was purchased by Vickers plc in 1980. However, by then, the sales of Bentley cars had plummeted, but Vickers plc ensured that the sales picked up.


Finally, in 1997, Vickers plc announced that it would divest from Bentley Motors Limited. The winning bid was that of Volkswagen, which spent over £500 million to modernize the manufacturing plant in Crewe, England. The brand went on to introduce the Bentley Continental GT, a luxury coupe, which became an instant hit and the demand for the brand surged once again.


Today, Bentley car models are synonymous to performance, style and elegance, just as W.O Bentley, the founder, had envisaged.


Bentley Car Photos


When the names of luxurious cars are taken, Bentley heads the list. It is one of the most luxurious and performance-oriented car brands in the world. If you take a look at Bentley car images, you will notice sleek design and class that elevate this brand. Bentley images proudly display the Bentley car logo, which has always equated with style, flair and performance. Bentley cars in India are the ultimate luxury vehicles that are beautiful to look at, are filled with technology to meet the needs of modern-day car owners and ensure superior road performance that is hard to beat.


Some of the Bentley car models that are available in India include:


Bentley Continental GT | Bentley Flying Spur | Bentley Bentayga | Bentley Mulsanne


Bentley Cars - FAQs


1. How many Bentley cars are made each year?

For the first time in the history of the brand, Bentley manufactured and sold more than 10,000 cars in a year. This feat occurred in 2007. However, thereafter, over 7,000 Bentley cars are sold each year.


2. What is the price of a Bentley car?

The price of a Bentley car is high. It is considered as a luxury vehicle. Bentley car price in India begins from INR 3.38 crore for Continental GT. Bentley car price for the Flying Spur ranges from INR 3.42 crore to INR 3.94 crore. Bentley price in India for the Bentayga is anywhere from INR 3.78 crore to INR 4.40 crore. The most expensive Bentley car, Mulsanne costs INR 5.26 crore.


3. What does the Bentley car logo mean?

The Bentley car symbol is the letter B, which stands for Bentley, and the letter is flanked by two wings, which symbolize speed. The Bentley car logo has its origins dating back to when the Bentley brothers established the brand, which was renowned for its performance and endurance in races and competitions, especially Le Mans.


4. How fast can a Bentley Continental GT go?

The Continent GT is a coupe and its engine generates 616 HP of power and 590 Nm of torque. It is capable of attaining speeds of up to 330 km per hour.


5. Is there a Bentley SUV?

Yes, there is a Bentley SUV. It is the Bentley Bentayga. It is available in two trims – Bentayga V8 and Bentayga W12. This Bentley car interior is spacious, and there is ample legroom and headroom. It is equipped with AC vents, infotainment system and other equipment to make each ride comfortable and safe. It looks stylish and elegant inside and outside.


6. How many Bentley models are available in India?

Currently, there are four models available from the stable of Bentley India. These are Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Bentayga and Bentley Mulsanne. Out of these four Bentley models, the Mulsanne is the most expensive Bentley car in India.


7. Is a Bentley car easy to maintain?

A Bentley car is a premium, luxury car. Hence, the Bentley price list is exorbitant and only those who can afford it buy it. It goes without saying that with the high-end components and performance-based built, a Bentley car maintenance is high. It is necessary that you keep your investment safe by ensuring that you spend time, effort and money to maintain this vehicle.


8. Is leather used in a Bentley car interior?

Yes, Bentley car interior upholstery boasts genuine leather. It takes about 480 leather components that are stitched together using 40,000 stitches. Many of these components are stitched by hand. It takes about 16 complete hides to make the interior of one Bentley car.


9. How long does it take to assemble a Bentley?

It takes about two long months to assemble a Bentley and this is because each and every Bentley car is handcrafted to perfection. This would explain why this brand is so expensive and exclusive.


10. Does Rolls-Royce own Bentley?

There was a time when Bentley Motors was a division of Rolls-Royce. During that period, Bentley no longer participated in car racing. Under Rolls-Royce, Bentley cars were very similar to Rolls-Royce models but they retained their sporty image. However, in 1998, Volkswagen acquired Bentley Motors and it also saw the brand going back to its racing heritage.