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2019 Bentley Continental GT Price in India

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 3.38 Cr*

*Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi


Bentley Continental GT Key Features

Infotainment System Bentley Continental GT

Infotainment System

It allows both driver and front passenger to operate the navigation system and adjust the audio,telephone & ride comfort settings.

Sound System Bentley Continental GT

Sound System

Audio System delivers incredible sound.Each of the Balanced Mode Radiator speakers combine the functions of a separate Speakers.

Bluetooth And Wifi Bentley Continental GT

Bluetooth And Wifi

The rear seats include DVD players, wireless headphones and LCD screens.

Key Features will be different from variant to variant View all Specifications & Features»


  • World-class interiors
  • Stellar performance
  • Extensive customization possibilities


  • Cramped rear seating
  • Astounding price tag
  • Most rivals handle better

Bentley Continental GT Prices in India

Bentley Continental GT price in India starts at Rs. 3.38 cr for petrol variant Coupe and goes up to Rs. 3.38 cr for Coupe.

War has been hard on the world in general no matter where it happened. A very few companies managed to get back to limelight post war. Interestingly, most of the automobile companies proved to be luck . . .  Read more»

360° View

Bentley Continental GT 360° View

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Interior 360° Degree View

Wondering how the insides of the Bentley Continental GT look like? Get a tour of this car with the 360° degree view of the interior. Enjoy a lifelike view of the interior design of this car. Check out how the manufacturer has utilized the space and how spacious the legroom as well as the headroom are. Get a feel of the quality of the material used and see how the dashboard looks like. Check AC vents, infotainment system and other utility equipment on offer. See if the car offers steering-mounted controls. In a nutshell, this 360° degree interior view walks you through the inside of Bentley Continental GT. Click anywhere on the image and drag it to the left and right to rotate. Zoom to enlarge the view!

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Bentley Continental GT Specifications

Bentley Continental GT mileage varies from 8.6 kmpl for Automatic Petrol variant Coupe to 8.6 kmpl for Automatic Petrol variant Coupe. Check out the claimed ARAI mileage for different Bentley Continental GT variants:

Variant name Mileage
Fuel Economy claimed by the manufacturer, generally quoted in KMPL (Kilometres Per Litre) format.
Common term 'Gear System', essentially a mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the drive shaft.
It is the maximum capacity of an engine by volume. Usually quoted in 'CC' or 'Cubic Capacity' (1000cc = 1 Litre).
Features/equipment in an automobile that ensure safety of passengers as well as pedestrians.
Ex-Showroom Price
It's the price of an automobile exclusive of duties, taxes, depot charges, and insurance. To get on-road price, click on the 'Get Onroad Price' button.
Coupe 8.6 kmplAutomatic5998 ccABS, Airbags 6, Child Safety Locks 3.38 Cr *

*Ex-Showroom Price range in New Delhi

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Bentley Continental GT Reviews (18)

This car goes vrooooom!

Overall rating: 4 Reviewed By: Vinit Santoki on 08 November 2015
Continental GT is a dream car that I wanted to own since my childhood. My heart raced while I drove this car around the city and on highways because it is a fantastic car suited for power users like me. I press the peddle and it goes vrooom! It has peddle-shift and an automatic gearbox, which is an added...  Read More »

A Spacious Vehicle

Overall rating: 5 Reviewed By: Akshay Pathak on 26 September 2015
The braking and handling of Bentley Continental GT is fine. The body frame of the car is extremely strong, while on the inside, this model has been equipped with advanced safety features. The Bentley Continental GT is a perfect merger of modern design and advanced technology and the matrix radiator grille...  Read More »

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Bentley Continental GT Overview

War has been hard on the world in general no matter where it happened. A very few companies managed to get back to limelight post war. Interestingly, most of the automobile companies proved to be lucky in that regard. One such company is Bentley. The even more fascinating aspect of the company however is the fact that despite the repeated highs and lows the company saw throughout its existence, the company never ended its future. Sure there was a time when the company was bankrupt and was put on sale only to be bought by its then biggest competitor, Rolls Royce. But even after that, the sale of Bentley to Volkswagen AG is what changed the game really. This sale ensured the revitalization of the brand that was profoundly remembered as a high end performance vehicle as well as a luxury vehicle over the years.
Bentley Continental GT Overview
The cars made by Bentley had that special something which no one else can replace. That true Bentley DNA that makes draws, crowds and critics alike towards it. One such Bentley wonder is the Bentley Continental GT. Hand it down to the splendid performance, the swift details or even the mesmerising charm and design aesthetics, the car has it all. With looks suggesting that the vehicle came straight from a science fiction fantasy, the car is an undisputable visual wonder. The twin turbo charged engine that powers it through not just roads but race tracks too.

Bentley Continental GT Exterior

Bentley Continental GT is one of those rare designing genius that creates an exterior structure which more or less seems like a unibody carving. Deemed as the first Bentley to be made with mass production manufacturing processes, the vehicle still manages to retain the visual beauty of a true Bentley. The car apparently shares its platform with Volkswagen Phaeton. The exterior description usually starts with describing the front fascia but let's check something rather more exquisite. The side profile. A perfectly shaped side profile that seems so precise that the windows section seems as if embedded or painted on the main body frame. The windows section too is sleek and distinctly in sync with the aerodynamic body design. The front bonnet area slightly increases in height till the front windshield. However from the front windshield straight to the rear end, it all seems like a perfectly drawn curve. The seven spoke 20 inch alloy wheels interestingly break the body mould at the same time blend in giving a surreal design structure. Now the front fascia.
Bentley Continental GT Exterior
Professional, blocks, distinct elements merged together to form perfect unison. The headlights do not bother to seem protruding and simply seem embedded in the design with the lamps perfectly levelled to the body design. The front grill seems like a complex honeycomb with a subtle vertical line acting as a divider. The air vents on the front bumper seem to have their own structure running throughout the front fascia under the nameplate and front grille. From a direct front view, the windshield and the seating height do seem little. The rear section of the vehicle follows a similar structure for tail lamps as the front fascia, blended and in sync. The overall length of the vehicle is 4806 mm while the height is a decent 1404 mm. The width is 1943 mm with the side mirrors folded. To show the turning capability of the vehicle one might notice the 2746 mm wheelbase of the vehicle. The entire design is created in a way to allow maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Bentley Continental GT Interior

Interiors of Bentley are one of the factors that makes the car more and more irresistible. The interiors feature light shade beige leather seats with distinctive sporty design features. The ergonomics of the seats both in the front and rear are quite amazing. The rear row is designed to fit two passengers only making it a completely four passenger affair. The leg room of the vehicle is quite impressive inculcating luxury to every passenger in the car equally. The instrument panel is refined and offers a futuristic look. Despite the exterior height, do not be fooled expecting a short interior. The head room is enough to allow most of the passengers with ease. All in all, a regular luxury car with high end performance and a special Bentley DNA, the interiors of Bentley Continental GT are far from okay, they are simply put, outstanding.
Bentley Continental GT Interior

Bentley Continental GT Engine & Transmission

No matter how efficient the looks of a vehicle go, there is no denying that by the end of the ride, performance is what matters the most. And honestly, with all the exceptionally appealing exteriors and unexplainably outstanding interior ambience, it will be a real shame if the vehicle ended up under performing. To tackle this trivial aspect, Bentley Continental GT is gifted with a Twin Turbo Charged W12 engine. The whopping 6 litre engine is big enough to accommodate impressive output of 567 bhp at 6000 rpm and at the same time efficient enough to not burn the fuel like wild fire. The torque generated by the engine reaches a peak of 700 Nm at 1700 rpm. The eight speed automatic transmission clearly explains why there is nothing close to a true Bentley.
Bentley Continental GT Engine & Transmission

Bentley Continental GT Mileage

Running on fuel, the vehicle offers truly exceptional performance but at what cost could it perform so well is also a prime concern. The price being paid usually is in terms of fuel economy. While one owning a Bentley could not afford to expect a fuel economic ride when compared to a regular hatchback, the Bentley Continental GT sure offers what seems to be an intriguing mileage. With a city mileage of 5.3kmpl and that on highway reaching 8.6kmpl, the mileage is definitely not all that disappointing. For a car with the girth as Bentley’s, this mileage is undeniably an impressive one. The vehicle has a fuel tank capacity of 90 litres so there is no stopping the vehicle once the tank is filled completely. The vehicle complies the BSIV norms too.
Bentley Continental GT Mileage

Bentley Continental GT Braking and Safety

With great power comes great responsibility. With all the power the engine packs and all the speed the vehicle’s aerodynamics ensure, there is a definite need of bringing out the control to keeping all of the factors from ruining the vehicle itself. The car itself is a miracle and with Ventilated Disc brakes in the front and back, the car has a pretty solid braking system in place. The girth of the vehicle in general adds to the tolerance towards any collision impact too. Air springs with continuous damping for shock absorbers, the vehicle has it all pretty figured out in terms of safety. ABS also adds in for the added driving efficiency.

Bentley Continental GT Performance and Handling

The car can easily hit a 318 kmph. It can reach 100 kmph in a mere 4.5 seconds from start. That’s it. That one statement can probably complete everything there is to say about Bentley Continental GT’s performance. The vehicle is undeniably a mean machine. Very much like Bond, hailing from the same geography. Precise, Efficient, Professional and surely Classy. This performance cannot totally be attributed to the remarkable six litre engine. Four Link Double Wishbone for front suspension and trapezoidal multi link in the rear section.

What do we think about Bentley Continental GT?

Sure, WO Bentley did not get to see the miraculous future of Bentley Motors due to several reasons. But this instant sitting up there he sure will want to ride a Bentley Continental GT himself. This might seem an overstatement but this car indeed offers everything truly Bentley. Precision, Excellence, Luxury and stellar performance. This car is undeniably a treat to any Bentley fan and definitely a delight to anyone else who owns it too.

Bentley Continental GT Competitors

Bentley is a company which has its loyal fans. There are a lot of people who still regard Bentley Super Six as a game changer in the motorsports universe. So when one owns a Bentley the question of competition is purely out of the radar. But if one has to name, Mercedes Benz CL Class, Lamborgini, etc. might always come to picture.

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Bentley Continental GT FAQs


1.    Are there any different driving modes provided in the Bentley Continental GT?

Bentley Continental GT has been equipped with three different driving modes - Comfort, Sports and Bentley. One can easily switch from one mode to another. The option for personalization of the dynamic settings has also been provided in the car.


2.    Describe the in-cabin features of Bentley Continental GT that make it different from other luxury cars.

Bentley Continental GT has been perfectly designed with some great in-cabin features. There is a three-sided unit that holds a 12.3-inch touchscreen. The salient features of the car include Bentley's Rotating Display, the driver-focused digital instrument panel and three analog dials on the dashboard located just next to the touchscreen.


3.  What are the engine specifications of Bentley Continental GT?

Bentley Continental GT is powered by a 6.0-liter Twin-Turbocharged W12 engine that churns out a maximum power of 567 bhp and torque of 700 Nm. The V8 is powered by a 4.0-litre engine that offers a maximum power of 500 bhp and torque of 600 Nm. The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission system.


4.  Describe the new features in Bentley Continental GT as compared to the previous versions.

Bentley Continental GT is the third-generation luxury convertible provided by the Bentley Company for an amazing customer ride. It is elegantly designed, and the exterior has been specially sculpted to provide the complete car with a better definition. Compared to the previous models. this car is longer and lower. The front wheels have been moved by 135 mm to the front which has caused the extension of the car in terms of length. Even the rear part of the car has muscular characteristics and adds to the overall look.


5.  What are the lighting provisions provided in the Bentley Continental GT?

Bentley Continental GT is provided with taillights with the crystal-cut effect, which manages in emphasizing on the three-dimensional depth of the optics used. The internal surfaces are transparent and have sharp edges. This is in accordance with the crystal-cut effect used in the headlamps. Moreover, the LED matrix technology has been used in the headlamps both at the front as well as the rear.


6.  What are the various colours in which the Bentley Continental GT is available?

The colours Arctica, Claret, Barnato, Continental Yellow, Black Crystal, Burgundy Royal, Arabica, Ice White, Aegean Blue, Black Velvet, Aquamarine, Light Onyx, Aurora, Granite, Apple Green, Citric, Light Grey Satin, Azure Purple, Burnt Oak and Amber have been made available in India.


7.   What about the storage space and seating capacity in the Bentley Continental GT?

Bentley Continental GT has a boot space of 358 liters to accompany other useful storage spaces within the cabin. The spacious interiors offer a comfortable seating space for up to 4 travellers for long journeys.


8.   What are the possible competitors of Bentley Continental GT?

Bentley Continental GT competes with some established luxury brands such as Lamborghini HuracanFerrari Portofino and Lamborghini Urus


9. Where can I purchase a new Bentley Continental GT from?

You need to get in touch with your nearest Bentley dealership to be able to purchase a new Bentley Continental GT in India. The dealer can provide you all the information that you need regarding the car including pricing, warranty, service cost, etc.


10.  What about the safety features in the car?

Bentley Continental GT is equipped with some excellent safety features such as ABS, EBD, central locking, brake assist, anti-theft alarm, power door locks, xenon headlamps, front and side impact beams and much more.